Nadeshot shares his wild celebration after 100 Thieves’ CWL London win

Connor Bennett
L: Nadeshot/Youtube. R: 100 Thieves.

Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has finally revealed his full reaction to 100 Thieves‘ CWL London success, showing that he didn’t believe it was actually happening, and how he also ‘appeared’ at the event despite being thousands of miles away. 

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100 Thieves secured their first Call of Duty event title at CWL London, breaking the hearts of eUnited after they had made a miraculous losers bracket run.

Fans had already gotten a glimpse at Nadeshot’s immediate reaction thanks to tweets from Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop, who lives with Nadeshot, after he ran into his room and videoed Nade celebrating. In CouRage’s video, the 100 Thieves COO claimed that he was going to “pass out” because of the success, but in his own video, he calmed down just a little bit to take it all in – even managing to pass on a few messages to his team.

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CWL London marked the first triumph for 100 Thieves in Call of Duty.

Nade’s reaction was as incredible as you might expect, displaying his pride with a ton of emotional – and plenty of cries of “Let’s go” too. Lots of love poured in from his fellow 100 Thieves members, including Call of Duty coach James ‘Crowder’ Crowder who immediately text him from the CWL stage.

Despite not being there, the former CoD star even appeared for the trophy lift as he FaceTimed with Eric ‘Muddawg’ Sanders to give the team a message. “I fucking love each and every one of you,” Nade told his team. “Let’s fucking go!”

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How will Nade celebrate in the future?

While Nade admitted that he wasn’t going to be in London because of his “overwhelming anxiety while flying long distances,” he at least got to ‘be’ there in some capacity.

With the one-and-only European event on the calendar officially out of the way, it’s probably a safe bet to think that the former OpTic Gaming star is going to be supporting his boys from the arena as they go in search of further success later in the season. 

His celebrations, this time, might not have been the crazy, flipping out celebrations that some longtime fans may have expected from Nade, but who knows, there may be something next level in store if the Thieves ever take home CoD Champs.