Nadeshot unveils Warzone 2 wishlist after player count reportedly tanked

nadeshot in twitch streamTwitch: Nadeshot

Nadeshot is a Call of Duty legend and after reports that Warzone 2’s player count has dropped significantly, he’s provided a list of things that might pull the community back to the title.

Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has seen most of the highest heights that Call of Duty has to offer. The 30-year-old 100 Thieves CEO made his name as both a pro player and content creator in the franchise, so it’s safe to say he has some level of expertise when it comes to these things.

While the alleged situation regarding Warzone 2’s player count paints a grim picture for the new battle royale, Haag believes it’s not too late to put things in order and he’s got plenty of ideas on where the devs could start.

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Nadeshot’s Warzone 2 wishlist offers ideas for the game

In a Twitter post by Nadeshot, the longtime fan outlines a list of potential changes that could improve both gameplay and player counts for Warzone 2.

Some of the primary targets, like a comprehensive Ranked playlist and a rework of the game’s looting system, have been common requests since the game’s launch.

Below is the full list of Nadeshot’s requests:

  • Add the ability to plate while sprinting
  • Add ranked play and comprehensive stats
  • Significantly reduce headshot multiplier
  • Add reload canceling
  • Increase universal movement speed by 10%
  • Rework the looting system entirely

The removal of the reload cancel also caused quite a stir back around the release and would likely be a welcome reintegration. The other concepts aim to fix other complaints that have crept up across the first months of Warzone 2.

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Faster universal speed and the ability to plate while running would significantly speed up the game, addressing concerns that it’s currently too slow and that movement has a significantly reduced impact in comparison to the original game.

There’s no way to know for sure if these changes would be enough to make up for all the allegedly lost ground but if the devs were to listen to anyone, Nadeshot’s experience certainly gives his ideas a level of credence.