Nadeshot Roasts Dr DisRespect on His Call of Duty Map Design – “No one played those trash maps”

Former pro CoD player Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag roasted Dr DisRespect about his work on map design for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, as the two played some WWII and Black Ops 4 beta.

Before resurrecting his Dr DisRespect character on Twitch and YouTube, Guy Beahm worked for Call of Duty developer Sledgehammer Games as a level designer, helping create multiplayer maps.

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He worked extensively on Advanced Warfare, Sledgehammer’s first solely developed CoD title, and the first entry in the series with the ‘jetpack’ movement system.

However, Advanced Warfare’s maps were a mixed bag. There were some gems that fans loved, but others that were certainly not fan favorites.

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When discussing map design for Black Ops 4, Nadeshot jokingly tells the Doc to ‘get off his high horse” about his time on the development team with Sledgehammer.

“You are not Guy Beahm anymore, Sledgehammer map designer. Nobody played those trash ass maps or enjoyed playing them that you made.”

Doc retorts, saying Nadeshot’s mouth has gotten pretty big since his 100 Thieves organization has found success.

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Nadeshot doesn’t stop there though, asking the Doc to name some of the maps he worked on, unimpressed by the dynamic design of ‘Recovery’ – a map which shifted entirely half way through a match.

Dr DisRespect played the Black Ops 4 beta extensively with Nadeshot and crew though, and provided some developer insight on design at this stage.

With regards to some of the map layout choices that Nadeshot felt needed changed, such as on the map ‘Contraband’, Dr DisRespect said that at this late stage, major changes to the map ‘geo’ would be very unlikely.