Nadeshot Hilariously Roasts NAMELESS After He Gets Destroyed in 1v1 on Black Ops 4 Beta

When retired professional player Anthony “NAMELESS” Wheeler choked what should have been an easy 1v1 on the Black Ops 4 beta, Matt “Nadeshot” didn’t hold back, letting him know all about it.

The two former pro players, both veterans of competitive Call of Duty, were trying their hand at the beta on its opening weekend, playing SnD and really going hard, as they got a feel for the potential of the game.

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They were also playing alongside current professional player Lamar “Accuracy” Abedi and another former pro Marcus “MBoZe” Blanks, all players known for their SnD prowess – but it wasn’t as easy as they might have expected.

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The worst of it came when Nadeshot and NAMELESS where left in a 2v1, and after Nadeshot got the final enemy weak before dropping, he expected NAMELESS to clean up the kill and the round.

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But NAMELESS missed his shots and was then caught reloading by the enemy, who finished him off too and snagged the round win.

Nadeshot wasn’t impressed at all, bursting into a hilarious roast of his fellow veteran player turned caster and analyst.

“NAMELESS! Quit the app! Go play WWII or go commentate – I’m not dealing with this. You are costing me years of my life. Bro you are shooting circles.”

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NAMELESS stepped away from competing earlier in 2018, after being dropped from Evil Geniuses and taking up a broadcast position with MLG and the Call of Duty World League, but he has previously mentioned the possibility of a return to competition.

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Admittedly, NAMELESS has never really been lauded as the professional with the greatest accuracy, but his in-game intelligence can’t be doubted and he would likely still make for a solid addition to a professional team, should he choose to attempt to compete in Black Ops 4.

The last ‘boots on the ground’ Black Ops title, Black Ops 2, was one of NAMELESS’ best competitive titles, winning an event alongside MBoZe on UNiTE. Some have said that Black Ops 4 shares similarities with it’s 2012 predecessor, so perhaps NAMELESS will be tempted to give it another shot.