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Nadeshot explodes after Black Ops hackers invade ‘throwback’ CoD stream

Published: 9/Sep/2020 5:20

by Brad Norton


In the leadup to Treyarch’s highly-anticipated Black Ops Cold War, Call of Duty veterans Nadeshot, 100 Thieves larrikins The Mob, and Team Summertime attempted to host a throwback stream, until hackers ruined the event.

The multiplayer reveal for Black Ops Cold War is just hours away. In anticipation of the next release from Treyarch, many have been returning to previous games in the franchise. Call of Duty League players have been hosting wagers in a variety of older titles purely for entertainment in the off-season.


On September 8, a huge collaboration was planned as The Mob, TST, and Nadeshot were set to go a few rounds in Black Ops 2. The throwback stream was hyped up for days as the community gathered to watch veterans return to a fan-favorite title. However, the event was short-lived.

Just minutes into the stream, hackers crashed the lobby and “ruined the experience”. While Nade tried to let cooler heads prevail, frustration soon boiled over.


While the players tried to get into a lobby, Mako from The Mob was having some issues. It was a struggle joining, and when he did, his name vanished from the menu. It turned out a hacker was messing with the lobby and removing Mako.

Freeing up a slot in the group, a hacker soon joined straight in. “Come on man, how the f**k are people getting in?” Nadeshot asked. The lobby was private and yet still the hackers were able to gain access. At times, Mako’s name would even appear, though it was secretly a hacker stealing his nametag.


“If you can hear me, brother, can you just let us do this?” Nadeshot pleaded. “We’re playing a game that’s seven years old, we’re just trying to have some fun.”

“Whoever is closing our lobbies, dragging us out, I want you to know that you are a f**king dork. The definition. Who in their right mind would try to ruin a couple of boys on a Tuesday night just trying to play Black Ops 2 seven years later?”


Eventually, things seemed to be working. All eight players were in the lobby together and the first match was just about to begin. It kicked off as everyone expected; players ripping into one another through game chat, The Mob ridiculing Nade for his infamous HBR play at Champs… it was all laughs while it lasted.

Just moments into the first map and it all came to a screeching halt once again. Mako was removed from the match as the hacker joined in mid-map. “Just let us play one f***ing game,” Nadeshot yelled on stream. We’re not asking for much.” 


Even with lobbies set to private and every player appearing offline, the event was still tarnished. No matter what they tried, the hacker always made his way into the game. While it was put together as a test run for a proper throwback event, it seems those plans may be on ice until the hacker issue can be figured out.

“All we wanted to do is play Black Ops 2 and relive the glory days,” Nadeshot soon followed up on Twitter. “But some dorks had to ruin that for us. Lame.”

In the meantime, everyone looking forward to the classic Black Ops event won’t have to wait long to see the future of the franchise. The Black Ops Cold War multiplayer reveal is set to kick off on September 9.

Call of Duty

Modern Warfare streamer goes on sniping killstreak with piano as controller

Published: 16/Oct/2020 1:38

by Tanner Pierce


DeanoBeano, who went viral on Twitch a couple months back for using a drum kit to snipe in Modern Warfare, is back and this time he brought along with him a piano to get his kills.

Back in August 2020, Twitch streamer DeanoBeano made headlines when he was able to get a sniping kill in Modern Warfare using a drum kit. While it was only a single kill, to say that it was impressive would be an understatement considering how much precision it took.


A couple weeks later he was back at it again, this time going on a five killstreak on Vacant, even getting a split quad-feed and a collateral kill in the process. Now, DeanoBeano has once again done what some might considered the impossible and gone on another killstreak using an instrument but this time it wasn’t a drum kit.

Twitch streamer DeanoBeano played Modern Warfare for over five hours using a piano.

During a recent Twitch stream, DeanoBeano used a piano keyboard to get a four killstreak on Atlas Superstore, once again impressing the CoD community.


In the clip, which currently has over 16,000 upvotes on Reddit, Deano takes out three enemies in quick succession near the side of the map using the AX-50 sniper rifle, before running and taking out one more person with the 725 shotgun.

While that wouldn’t be impressive in the slightest with a normal controller, the fact that he was using a piano makes it an amazing feat to be sure.

I just snapped with a piano LMAO from r/modernwarfare

As one can see in the clip itself, movement and aiming with the piano is a bit similar to the drums in that one key press moves the character just a little bit in a certain direction. This means that Deano constantly taps on the keys in order to adjust where he’s looking.


While he’s drumming kills were impressive as they were, this piano streak is even more absurd. Considering you can hear the piano keys he’s hitting, it makes for a very comical clip.

Here’s hoping he makes more hilarious videos with other instruments.