Nadeshot claims OpTic’s Crimsix was “blatantly lying” about 100 Thieves scrims debate

YouTube / 100 Thieves

In the lead up to 100 Thieves much anticipated match against OpTic Gaming in the CWL Pro League – the first time the two sides have faced each other in the Black Ops 4 season on LAN – Nadeshot had a few things to say in 100T’s latest YouTube video.

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For many years, Nadeshot was pretty much the face of OpTic Gaming. He was synonymous with the brand, as a competitive player, as well as a streamer and YouTuber.

But, as any fan of Call of Duty esports will know, this chapter of his life ended after seventh place finish at the 2015 World Championship, as the fans piled the blame on their ‘star’ player, who was underperforming.

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YouTube / 100 Thieves100 Thieves travelled to Texas to practice against OpTic Gaming and other pro teams.

Nadeshot relived these moments in 100 Thieves’ April 3 YouTube video, and told the story of how he came to be rivals with OpTic, as his organization aims to take them down in the league on April 4.

He also touched on the Twitter controversy which took place between members of both rosters in March, when 100T’s Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt claimed that Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter had lied about the reasons for scrim session being cancelled.

Nadeshot corroborated his player’s side of the story, saying he “wanted to jump in so badly and tell Crimsix ‘you are blatantly lying’”, claiming that OpTic had been late to the scrims every day.

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Timestamp at 6:55 for mobile users.

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“They were late. It’s an absolute, it’s not up for debate, OpTic was late to scrims almost every single day. That was ridiculous, Crimsix was blatantly lying. OpTic was late, it caused schedules to be off balance and scrims got messed up because OpTic was late.”

As for the match itself, which will close out the final week of cross-division play, Nadeshot is very confident that 100 Thieves have what it takes to beat the CWL Las Vegas champions.

“I have a feeling OpTic Gaming are a little worried about our team. We were beating them pretty swiftly in the pre-LAN, we were winning every scrim series,” Nadeshot explained, “Scump came up to me and was like ‘you’ve got yourself a top three team now.”

Winning scrim series is one thing though, and a match with more pressure in the Pro League will be a different test, for both sets of players.

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