Nadeshot calls for “comprehensive ranked system” in Warzone 2 as player count plummets

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Former Call of Duty pro and 100 Thieves founder Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has called for the Warzone devs to add a robust ranked system as the BR’s player count continues to drop.

Since its release in November, Warzone 2’s player count has been on a decline.

While MW2 smashed sales records, the popular battle royale reached its peak just a couple of days after launch — and the player count has continued to gradually drop since.

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In fact, in a January 14 tweet, Warzone streamer TcTekk claimed the game would be dead if it wasn’t for nukes — which have played a massive in making the game more fun as players have something to work towards.

The streamer added that when he goes for a nuke streak, his viewership increases significantly as he gets closer to the final game.

Nadeshot demands ranked in Warzone 2

To combat the declining interest in the game, former CoD pro Nadeshot has suggested for the devs to add a ranked system that would make every game worth trying your hardest.

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“Now imagine we had a comprehensive ranked system that made every single game worth trying your hardest, not just game 4 or 5 of your nuke streak,” Nadeshot wrote. “It’s not a coincidence that the shooter titles(barring a couple exceptions) that have withstood the test of time all have Ranked Play.”

He added: “The obvious argument back is the fact that Call of Duty has been around as long as the rest but I think that’s largely due to the core gameplay and tight controls plus a new iteration of the game every year.

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“I know it’s successful, but it could be so much more with Ranked Play.”

The community has certainly been critical of the BR sequel, with players hitting out at the devs for numerous reasons.

Nadeshot has previously explained how he actually wants Call of Duty to “flop”, believing it would be the best thing for the series.

With Season 2 set for a February 1 release, it would be the perfect time for the devs to add a ranked playlist.

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