Nadeshot nearly passes out while celebrating 100 Thieves’ win at CWL London

Albert Petrosyan
CouRage - Twitter

The reactions to 100 Thieves being crowned champions at CWL London have poured in, and none is better than that of CEO and Founder Matt ‘Nadeshot‘ Haag, who nearly passed out while celebrating. 

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Coming into CWL London as one of the favorites to win the tournament, it came as no surprise that the team found its way in the Winners Bracket Final on Championship Sunday.

They passed their biggest test of the event by beating OpTic Gaming to advance to the Grand Final, where they handled eUnited to secure their first ever tournament victory in Call of Duty esports.

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In fact, their win at CWL London was actually their first ever major tournament victory as an organization across any of the esports they’ve been involved in thus far.

Nadeshot nearly passes out while celebrating

Needless to say, there was probably no one more excited at 100 Thieves’ victory than Nadeshot, who was watching the events unfold from their team house in Los Angeles.

Thanks to a video captured by Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop, Nade can be seen ferociously celebrating the moment they had secured the win, to the point where he nearly went “night night.”

According to a followup tweet posted by CouRage, Nadeshot had this to say in the midst of his celebration: “I can’t feel my hands, I’m going to pass out. Let’s go we won. I’m going to pass out. My hands are tingling.”

Once he did compose himself, Nade managed to tweeted out how much his team’s title-winning performance meant to him.

Why wasn’t Nadeshot at the event?

Considering that CWL London is one of the few major tournaments of the season, many competitive CoD fans were confused as to why Nadeshot didn’t attend the event to support his team live.

In a response to someone on Twitter, he revealed that it was all due to his “overwhelming anxiety while flying long distances.”

“I have overwhelming anxiety while flying long distances that has progressively gotten worse as I’ve gotten older,” he wrote. “If you knew what it felt like for me, you’d understand.”

100 Thieves players react to winning CWL London

It has to be said that none of the reactions of the 100 Thieves’ players after they had secured the championship came close to being as alarming as Nadeshot’s.

However, it was still heartwarming to see the players and coach Crowder excitedly tweet out after winning, with the adrenaline still very much coursing through their veins.

Now that their first tournament victory is in the bag, 100 Thieves have very much cemented their place as one of the top-tier teams currently in the CWL.

With there still being several major events before the season ends, such as CWL Anaheim, CWL Finals, and the 2019 CWL Championship, there is still yet time for 100T to make their first year in CoD esports one of the most dominant ones ever.