MW2 & WZ2 Season 3 trailer confirms long-awaited game modes

Activision shared the first MW2 and WZ2 Season 3 trailer, revealing several highly-anticipated multiplayer and battle royale game modes.

Activision has sprinkled in a few announcements leading up to Season 3, which starts on April 12. The developers revealed two new operators, the Intervention sniper, and a classic map remake. Community members also received a first look at Ricochet anti-cheat changes, emphasizing cheaters in competitive game modes.

A replay investigation tool allows the developers to watch back WZ2 and MW2 matches to weed out cheaters, and Cronus Zen devices will finally be detected on controllers.

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These innovations coincidently come right before Season 3, which we now know includes Warzone 2 Ranked.

Gunfight, Plunder, WZ2 Ranked, and Al Mazrah Resurgence coming in Season 3

On April 5, Activision revealed the first trailer for Season 3, and it was jam-packed with new announcements.

Season 3 adds new multiplayer maps, Gunfight, Cranked, Al Mazrah Resurgence, Plunder, Warzone Ranked, and Blackcell.

Starting with Gunfight, the popular 2v2 multiplayer mode pits two teams against each other in matches that play similarly to the Gulag.

Next up is cranked, which is a team deathmatch multiplayer game mode. Whenever a player gets a kill, they earn faster movement speed, reload, and ADS speeds. Each kill starts a 30-second timer, and players need to get a kill within that time frame, or they explode.

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Resurgence deviates from the traditional Warzone formula, allowing players to respawn during the opening stages of matches. Plunder also provides a unique battle royale experience as players race to earn the highest amount of cash, instead of chasing kills.

And finally, we expect Warzone Ranked to share a slight resemblance to MW2 Ranked Play, but there’s been no explanation from the developers on what to expect.

Activision also revealed the title “Blackcell” in the trailer, but we aren’t quite sure what that entails. We will provide an update when the developers unveil an official roadmap for Season 3.

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