MW2 players want “useless bars” replaced with detailed gun stats

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MW2 players have grown tired of the stat bars used to represent how good a gun is in several key areas, wanting the system replaced with precise numeric values.

Since the dawn of multiplayer, Call of Duty has utilized stat bars that provide a rough indication of a gun’s strengths and weaknesses. These bars cover a range of stats including damage, mobility, recoil control, and fire rate.

However, with Black Ops Cold War Treyarch innovated this system by allowing players to view either stat bars or precise numeric values. This was useful for players trying to understand each attachment’s specific impact and create the best loadout possible.

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Some fans had expected Modern Warfare 2 to adopt this system but Infinity Ward instead opted to return to only offering simple stat bars. Members of the MW2 community have now spoken out against this.

MW2 players want stat bars replaced with precise gun stats

MW2 players have taken to Reddit to complain about the “useless bars” used to represent gun stats in Modern Warfare 2.

The post reads: “Can we have the fire rate actually show the gun’s rounds per minute? A grey bar means f**k all.”

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Elaborating further, OP continued: “There should be a setting to replace the useless bars with actual stats describing stability, rate of fire, ADS speed, etc for whatever gun. This is such a basic concept that it’s mind boggling that the devs (a AAA studio) can’t add something so simple.”

One fan was pessimistic about the chances of such a change happening: “They took 5+ months to copy and paste the current status of the daily’s, no chance to get any enhancement to the gunsmith. They had this in Cold War.”

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Another response focused on MW2’s presentation as a whole: “Game is a joke. But we play it for fun. They used to make a clean product. But I think they know that we don’t even buy it for that anymore, we just buy it to fug around on and that’s what we’re getting.”

A different user offered a more positive spin on why stat bars exist: “Speaking from experience, several of my friends swear by these bars even though I’ve told them again and again they mean nothing. When I showed them the detailed stats in Cold War they said the bars were better.”

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Looking ahead to Call of Duty 2023, it’s unclear what approach developer Sledgehammer Games will take. The next COD game is reportedly Modern Warfare 3 with Sledgehammer’s last outing in Vanguard featuring detailed gun stats.

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