MW2 players want beloved Black Ops 1 Combat Record to replace “buggy” system

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Modern Warfare 2 players are calling for the return of the beloved Black Ops 1 Combat Record after the “buggy” system causes users to reflect on the “simplicity” of previous UI’s and stat trackers.

With a new Call of Duty game coming out every year, it’s to be expected that the developers will slightly alter how players experience both combat and the UI. After all, as gaming develops, so does the quality of the Combat Record and the measure of particular stats as you play.

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However, with the release of Modern Warfare 2, and now that we’re into Season 2 Reloaded, many players are calling for change. In particular, they are calling for the return of the beloved Black Ops 1 Combat System after the “buggy and transactional” MW2 design has left many disappointed.

Modern Warfare 2 players call for beloved Black Ops 1 Combat System to return

Taking to Reddit, one Modern Warfare 2 player shared their nostalgia regarding the beloved Black Ops 1 Combat System. They explained how popular the feature was and how “poor stat tracking is nowadays in CoD,” highlighting the popularity of what many regard to be one of the best UIs in Call of Duty history.

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Many players agreed with the player’s statement, with a number of commenters exploring how the UI seems to have gotten worse. One fan took the statement further, stating that “the OG Cods really were better due to their simplicity. Everything is so buggy and transactional now” highlighting the simple yet effective nature of both viewing your Combat Record and navigating the UI.

Other fans shared the same sentiment, agreeing that “the new UI is just so bad” and going on to explain how its main problem is that the MW2 system is “so hard to navigate” with the older games having “a much better and simpler UI.”

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On the other hand, some were quick to remind the original poster that “we have all of these exact stats now” going on to highlight that the only issue is “that the UI is awful” commenting on how many struggle to navigate the new system and find the stats they desire.

It seems many fans miss the Black Ops 1 system for its simplicity and ease of navigation. Whether we will get a simpler Combat Record system in future titles is yet to be seen.

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