MW2 players upset as Throwback Audio Pack doesn’t include iconic sniper

player inspecting fjx imperium sniper rifle in MW2, based on intervention.Activision

MW2 players are disappointed after Activision revealed that the Throwback Audio Pack would only add gun sounds for two weapons and neither are the FJX Imperium.

It was first announced that classic gun sounds would be coming to Modern Warfare 2 in April through the Throwback Pack: ’09 Weapon Audio Bundle’.

The bundle promised to bring back old-school gun sounds from the original Modern Warfare 2 that launched in 2009.

However, more details have now been released about the audio pack and fans aren’t happy with the guns included.

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MW2’s Throwback Audio Pack won’t include the FJX Imperium

Modern Warfare 2 fans have taken to Reddit to complain about the guns chosen for the Throwback Audio Pack.

The audio bundle will include two weapons, the ‘Lachmann Classic’ SMG and ‘Good Ol Days’ Assault Rifle. These will both be weapon blueprints that produce classic gun sounds when fired.

The main weapon missing that has upset fans is the FJX Imperium, MW2’s rendition of the Intervention sniper rifle. The Intervention is considered by a lot of classic fans as the most iconic COD weapon of all time.

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Frustrated by the bundle, one user responded: “They could’ve easily made bank on reintroducing a whole SUITE of OG sounds, like f**k, the Intervention (most iconic weapon in all of COD) can’t even get the sound?!”

Another response reads: “Insane how bad of a miss this is for IW. Intervention and MP5 exist in MW2022 as well as 2009. Also, this should’ve affected every sound applicable. Semtex, C4, killstreaks etc. My friends and I were gonna buy it. Lost sales from at least 5 people.”

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One particularly vocal fan replied: “I don’t understand how they can be so incompetent as to miss on such an absolute slam dunk like classic sounds for all the weapons. They’re so dumb. They’re so f**king stupid dude.”

In addition to the classic Lachmann Sub and a classic ACR-inspired ISO Hemlock blueprint, the Throwback Audio Pack will also include the ‘Classic Soap’ Operator Skin.

The price of the bundle hasn’t been revealed yet but is expected to cost around 2,400 COD Points, the equivalent of $20 USD. Although with the recent Thunder Front bundle released on May 3 costing 3,000 COD Points, it could end up being more expensive.

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