MW2 players slam developers over “awful” state of Ground War

Modern Warfare 2 Ground War with logoActivision

Modern Warfare 2019’s Ground War provided a breath of fresh air for the CoD franchise, but players believe the game mode is an awful state in Modern Warfare 2.

Ground War came at a perfect time in 2019. Infinity Ward venturing into large-scale combat appealed to traditional CoD players wanting a change of pace and drew in a disgruntled Battlefield V community. The game mode pitted two teams of 32 players against each other, with the goal of capturing flag objectives.

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Modern Warfare 2019 featured a whopping nine Ground War maps by the end of the game’s lifespan, and the mode had a passionate following. Modern Warfare 2 built off the mode’s strong foundation, launching with five Ground War maps, and added a new swimming mechanic and more vehicles.

2022 lined up for Activision to once again swoop in and strike gold. Battlefield 2042 fans jumped ship after a rocky launch, and the game mode had a pre-established fan base, but MW2 players explained why Ground War is now in an “awful state.”

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Modern Warfare player shooting tankActivision
Ground War introduced large-scale maps with vehicles to Modern Warfare.

Players blast Modern Warfare 2 Ground War

A Reddit user made a list of complaints about Modern Warfare 2’s Ground War. Some of the main reasons include lack of cover, wasted space, overpowered vehicles and snipers, and unnecessarily large buildings.

The player offered a solution by proposing to the developers, “cut excess space around maps, streamline the flags, remove transport heli until a team has only 0 or 1 flag, block off majority of buildings and roofs.”

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One user responded, “Modern Warfare 2019 ground war was so much better, and it’s disappointing that we got this. I really hope they make some changes in the future.”

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A second player added, “MW2 ground war just feels like a different mode because it has so many frustrations and very few rewarding fights to take part in.”

Community members in the thread agreed two significant issues are the transport helicopter and map design.

“In my opinion removing the helicopters would be the biggest help to the mode and would also make capturing points mean something since you could spawn there.”

Ground War was a highlight of Modern Warfare 2019’s success, and community members demand more from the MW2 developers to reach those same heights.

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