MW2 players have finally had enough of Shipment “ruining Call of Duty”

Shipment map in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2Activision

Modern Warfare 2 players have had enough of the Shipment map, with many claiming that the fast-paced location is “ruining Call of Duty” and is arguably “one of the worst maps in the franchise.”

With Modern Warfare 2 now fully ingrained into Season 2 Reloaded, many are enjoying the new weapon and map added into the fast-paced multiplayer game. However, such a new map has inspired many fans to take a look at all the maps in Modern Warfare 2, prompting players to label Shipment as one of the “worst maps in the franchise.”

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Initially, the discussion was held on Reddit, through an ‘unpopular opinions’ post in which a few players stated their dislike for Shipment. Soon after, multiple fans shared their agreement, with some stating how they “absolutely hate the map” while others claim the map is “ruining Call of Duty.”

Modern Warfare 2 players label Shipment as “one of the worst maps”

Call of Duty Shipment mapActivision
Shipment is a small and fast-paced map that inspires tons of chaos.

Despite the Reddit post being all about unpopular opinions, one belief seems to be shared by many; the notion that many Modern Warfare 2 players have had enough of Shipment, claiming that it’s “ruining Call of Duty” and that many fail to enjoy the map due to the fact “there’s just no strategy involved.”

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Many frustrations are aimed at the lack of strategy, with fans sharing their frustrations at the fast-paced and close-quartered map style, claiming that the location is “only good for grinding.”

Others highlight the nature of the map being “literally spawn and die” with many attempting to head into the map to level up their weapons, only to find themselves spawn trapped and their KD ratio dropping rapidly.

Nevertheless, many took to the comments to share their love for the map, with players stating it has a calming nature, allowing fans to “just turn off your brain and play” rather than learning all the techniques of other locations.

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Needless to say, fans are incredibly torn with their opinions on Shipment, with many despising the experience, and others believing it to be a necessary evil.

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