MW2 players frustrated by “broken” Perk that hasn’t been fixed in seven months

Two players in MW2 dying to explosion on Mercado Las Almas.Activision

Modern Warfare 2 players are frustrated at the state of Bomb Squad, a Base Perk in MW2 that is being labeled “broken,” due to how little protection it provides against launchers.

Bomb Squad is MW2’s rendition of the classic explosion damage resistance Perk that has featured throughout Call of Duty history.

From EOD to Flak Jacket it’s become a staple that fans have come to expect. It’s an extremely important Perk as explosives in COD can be incredibly powerful and a Trophy System can only do so much.

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However, the underwhelming state of Bomb Squad in MW2 has left some players annoyed and wanting it to be fixed.

Bomb Squad isn’t protecting MW2 players against explosives

Members of the Modern Warfare 2 community are upset with the state of Bomb Squad, believing that the Base Perk doesn’t work as intended and is in need of a fix.

A thread titled “So when is Infinity Ward gonna fix bomb squad in MP?” was posted on the MW2 subreddit. It features a video showing multiple examples of RPG shots killing through Bomb Squad despite not directly impacting the player.

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One reply hypothesized why the Perk seems so inconsistent: “I think Launchers are (for no good reason) unaffected by Bomb Squad in multiplayer.”

Another member chimed in revealing that they’ve found that it’s not just launcher shots that can kill through Bomb Squad: “I’ve died to frag grenades while using Bomb Squad too. Many times. It’s actually broken.”

Not everyone agreed that Bomb Squad was broken though, with others believing it’s just how the Perk is balanced in MW2: “I don’t think it’s bugged, I think it’s just weaker in MWII. I think a Drill Charge is the only thing that can’t get a kill under the right circumstances.”

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Some players just disagreed there was a problem altogether: “Bomb squad reduces damage, it doesn’t prevent death. You got nailed by an RPG, Bomb Squad shouldn’t matter.”

The state of Bomb Squad in MW2 is a contentious topic with some players wanting it buffed, others thinking it’s fine, and some believing that the Perk doesn’t work at all.

It’s rare for Perks in COD games to be significantly changed after launch, but Birdseye did get nerfed in Warzone and Infinity Ward had previously looked into changing Ghost to a Base Perk. However, plans to do so were canceled due to balance concerns.

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