MW2 players flame devs for “screwing up” classic party mode

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Some Modern Warfare 2 community members demand a rework for One in the Chamber, as the classic party game mode suffers from a few design flaws.

Infinity Ward put an emphasis on bringing back fan-favorite party game modes in Season 2. The developers added Gun Game, Infected, and Grind to start and then re-introduced Drop Zone All or Nothing and One in the Chamber mid-season.

Modern Warfare 2 added a Party Modes playlist to celebrate the occasion that cycles through every mode. Popular YouTuber JackFrags had some of the most fun in his long CoD history while testing the new modes.

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Unfortunatley, not every fan shared an enjoyable experience, as One in the Chamber played much differently than once remembered.

MW2 players bash “terrible” One in the Chamber remake

Party game modes usually draw in a passionate fan base in CoD titles.

One in the Chamber made its first CoD appearance all the way back during the original Black Ops in 2010. Each player starts with a pistol loaded with one bullet. Every shot kills and awards a new bullet, but a missed shot results in you needing to rely on a knife to get a kill.

Players only have three lives, so they need to plan out their survival strategically. However, MW2 allows players to join mid-match, making it easier for users to join late and take advantage of having more lives than others.

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MW2 community members vented their frustrations on Reddit.

“No joke, this is one of the funniest screw-ups they’ve done so far. Shows they literally do not play their own game at all.”

Players put their heads together and came up with a few solutions to the issue.

“If they want to allow mid-game joins, they should join with either 1 life, or however many live the remaining players have, but it should go off which player has the least lives left that is still alive.”

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A second user suggested: “I feel there should be rounds like SnD. Something like each round is 2 and a half to 5 mins, and there is something like 3-6 rounds.”

MW2 community members won’t wait too long for change, as one commenter responded, “they can’t keep fu**ing up classic game modes like that.”

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