MW2 players demand SBMM communication after Apex Legends overhaul

Apex Legends Catalyst next to Warzone 2 imageEA / Activision

Modern Warfare 2 players have called on Infinity Ward to improve their communication, around matchmaking especially – pointing to rival franchise Apex Legends as an example to aspire to. 

Since its launch back in October 2022, multiple aspects of Modern Warfare 2 have received criticism from the ever-vocal CoD community. 

Whether it’s “blinding” sniper scopes or the absence of classic Call of Duty modes, there’s much for the devs to mull over as we move towards Season 2.

Recent developments – like the rumored but unconfirmed delay to Season 2 – have seen more criticism of the devs on the basis of a lack of communication. 

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That’s only intensified after players saw rival franchise Apex Legends release a lengthy and detailed explanation of its new skill-based matchmaking systems.

MW2 players call for better dev communication – like Apex Legends

The topic was highlighted by one player in a January 17 Reddit post, who said: “Imagine if we had communication [or] community engagement like this from CoD devs…” 

Attached was an image of Respawn Entertainment’s recent community update, giving Apex players a rundown of the new game’s SBMM.

A number of other players echoed the sentiment of the post, with one saying: “I don’t think Activision and their studios will ever disclose how their matchmaking works because it will make the public angry if we find out.”

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While MW2 and Warzone 2 are widely believed to have SBMM, neither the devs or Activision have addressed the topic publicly. That opacity is at the root of CoD players’ frustrations.

Another said that Activision “don’t understand that transparency sells games.”

There have been recent rumors that Warzone 2’s player count has fallen much faster than was anticipated.Plenty in the CoD community feel better communication would be a good way to rectify the franchise’s current problems.