MW2 players accuse devs of “lying” about drill charge buff

Player carrying a Riot Shield in Call of Duty, an item which is responsible for a God Mode bug in Modern Warfare 2.Activision

Modern Warfare 2 players thought the Season 1 update provided a reliable counter to riot shields, but video evidence tells a different story.

After spending a year in the trenches of World War 2 during Call of Duty Vanguard, Modern Warfare 2 brought the series back to a modern setting. Innovations in technology allowed developers to think outside the box for creating new MW2 equipment items.

Notable new equipment items include The DDOS, inflatable decoys, and drill charges. Modern Warfare 2 players quickly branded the drill charge as CoD’s “best addition in years.” The lethal grenade burrows into surfaces before exploding.

Drill charges are perfect for dealing with enemies on the opposite side of a wall or immobilizing vehicles. The Season 1 update added a new use for the crafty grenade, blowing up riot shields. However, players discovered the patch wasn’t working as intended.

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Modern Warfare 2 gameplayActivision
The Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 update allowed drill charges to kill riot shield users.

MW2 players feel deceived by drill charge buff

In the Season 1 update patch notes, the developers stated, “the drill charge sticking to the riot shield will always kill the players using the riot shield (even if they have the bomb squad perk).”

The bomb squad perk reduces damage from any non-killstreak explosives.

A Reddit user posted a video of a drill charge not killing a riot shield user, contradicting the Season 1 update patch notes.

One player responded, “This clip is from after the update that ‘fixed it.’ They literally did not do anything to change it and said they did it.”

A second player added, “I’m glad you posted this, same sh** happened to me yesterday. Went back to throwing Molotovs.”

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Fortunately, there are still ways to deal with pesky riot shield users. Trophy systems, Molotov grenades, semtex grenades, and even inflatable decoys will decimate shields.

We will provide an update if the developers address drill charges not working as intended.

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