MW2 expert hits out at devs for cracking down on playstyle variety

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Infinity Ward released a small update, which removed tuning sprint-to-fire speeds beyond intended levels in Modern Warfare 2. YouTuber TheXclusiveAce called out the developers for axing a feature community members enjoyed.

In the Season 2 update, Infinity Ward buffed attachment tuning by “elevating the pros and reducing the cons of tuning attributes.” The developers argued it would increase the impact of attachments and make attachment tuning more significant.

Modern Warfare 2 YouTuber TheXclusiveAce took advantage of the new system and discovered a way to nearly eliminate sprint-out time on some weapons. Sprint out refers to the speed you are able to fire a weapon after sprinting. This differs from ADS speed, which is the speed it takes to aim down sights.

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TheXclusiveAce improved sprint-out speeds by over 60% for a few MW2 weapons, causing Infinity Ward to spring into action quickly.

Infinity Ward removes Modern Warfare 2 tuning trick

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Modern Wa

Laser and rear grip attachments help improve sprint-out speed. TheXclusiveAce used the FSS OLE-V Laser and the Xten Grip for his testing. Without any tuning, he estimated the laser and grip Combined for a 25% improvement to sprint out speed.

After tuning both attachments to maximize sprint out time on the M4, it improved from 158 milliseconds base sprint out time to 75ms, which is a 64% increase. In another extreme example, the P890 pistol went from 60ms to a near-instantaneous 5ms.

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On March 31, Infinity Ward released a small update, which Fixed an issue with Tuning that allowed Sprint to Fire Speeds to be increased beyond intended levels.”

TheXclusiveAce criticized the removal, saying it was “something that allows for more playstyle variety with a generally positive community reaction.”

TheXclusiveAce lambasted Infinity Ward for prioritizing his findings over “various bugs and clear issues that the community agrees have a negative impact on the gameplay.”

This isn’t the first time a feature was controversially removed. After the Season 2 update, Incendiary rounds allowed snipers to one-hit kill enemies in Warzone 2. One week later, snipers received a nerf and community members slammed the decision.

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Community sentiment continues to deteriorate. This all comes in the midst of Warzone 2 pros flocking back to Caldera amid frustrations with the game and player count numbers reaching record lows.

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