MW2 players want new Black Gold map to be used for fan-favorite party mode

mw2 black gold mapActivision Blizzard

Call of Duty players believe MW2’s new Black Gold map would provide the perfect setting for another popular game mode.

Activision unleashed the Black Gold map for Modern Warfare 2 Season 3, introducing users to the game’s first nighttime operation.

Set under the cover of night in the Al Mazrah Rohan Oil Field, this new map is divided into several sections that include train docks and warehouses.

For now, though, the brand-new map is exclusive to one game mode – 6v6 multiplayer. But Modern Warfare 2 players think the location would especially work well with a completely different mode.

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MW2 fans want the Black Gold map for another game mode

Shortly after the Season 3 update went live, Reddit user ThunderTRP shared a Black Gold screenshot and caption pondering where else the nighttime map would fit in Modern Warfare 2.

The Redditor is of the mind that Infected Mode should also make use of the Oil Field locale. Comments on the post below show that many other Call of Duty players agree. And, in general, it seems fans are especially gunning for more maps set under the night sky.

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“Pleaseee we need this,” one person wrote. Someone else took ThunderTRP’s flashlight idea even further, “…No throwing knives, flashlights on shotguns/pistols, and like glow sticks on the ground or something would be sick. Maybe fire rounds?”

But before Infected matches set on Black Gold get thrown into the mix, MW2 fans think developers need to improve the brightness of flashlights.

The original poster agreed with this sentiment, claiming that even with the most powerful flashlight equipped, they can only see up to five meters in front of their character.

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Intricate details aside, it’s safe to say that an Infected x Black Gold combo may soon become a popular request in the MW2 community.

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