MuTeX explains why streamers boycotting Warzone over hacking problem is pointless

MuTeX explains why streamers boycotting Warzone over hacking problem is pointlessTwitch, MuTeX / Activision

Warzone Streamer MuTeX lashes out at the community, steamers, and the devs. He claims that there is no point to make a statement by not playing Warzone because the game is already too big.

The Twitch streamer has been no stranger to controversies surrounding hackers in Warzone.

MuTeX was the first streamer to start the ultimate “anti-cheat” setup and started his stream with five unique camera angles to show the viewers that he is not cheating.

The streamer has not been holding back and as more and more streamers announced they are boycotting the game in hopes that Activision will step in and fix the hacking issues, he has a unique view on how things will go.

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Warzone streamers have been boycotting the game in hopes of the devs issues a fix for hackers.

MuTeX says the damage has been done

Twitch streamer MuTeX doesn’t believe that streamers quitting Warzone will help fix the issue of cheaters running the streets of Verdansk.

In this clip of the streamer he talks about how streamers have already blown up Warzone and made it as popular as it has become. He says the fix isn’t as easy as just quitting the game for a week.

MuTeX went to add on later in his stream saying that the devs don’t care about streamers, “Streamers don’t mean anything to them, they don’t give a f*** about us.”

He said that streamers make up a small percentage of the actual player base and Activision will still make money off Warzone regardless of who is playing the game.

Although MuTeX thinks that the boycotting won’t fix the problem, he firmly believes that Warzone will “die in a month” but isn’t sure what the player base can do.

Warzone streamers such as NICKMERCS, Courage, and TimTheTatman have all stopped playing Warzone and switched over to rival BR Apex Legends.

Raven Software have not made any comments since their July ban wave that saw over 50,000 accounts banned. It is clear the community is unhappy and time will tell if players stick around or not.