Modern Warfare with the HUD from MW2 looks absolutely stunning

. 2 years ago
Infinity Ward

Call of Duty fans have suggested re-introducing an old-school feature that could improve Modern Warfare’s experience for some of the franchise’s hardcore fans.

Modern Warfare 2 is often regarded as one of the best Call of Duty titles of all time, and there have been many pleas from fans over the years for a remaster of the 2009 classic.

However, one player decided to take matters into his own hands by bringing the game’s nostalgia to the latest Modern Warfare title with a feature suggestion for fans to enjoy.

Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare 2 is often in the conversation for the best Call of Duty title of all time.

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The newest addition to the Modern Warfare series has seen an uptake from new Call of Duty players to the franchise, thanks to features such as cross-platform play being introduced.

Although many players are satisfied with the current feel of Modern Warfare, Reddit user u/_Ghost100 pointed out yet another feature that could improve it, focusing on the HUD (heads-up-display).

The fan highlighted how good the classic MW2 HUD looked back in the day, and how it would look in current times after integrating it with a screenshot of the new Modern Warfare.

u/_ghost100, Reddit
How Modern Warfare would look with the classic HUD from MW2.

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The concept received a lot of praise from fellow CoD fans, and some even called for Infinity Ward to give players an option to choose between different HUD’s in-game.

The new Modern Warfare already allows players to choose between different styles of hitmarker sounds that have been added to the series, with many opting to make use of the ‘Classic’ setting, which gives a hint of nostalgia.

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Although many would be interested to try Modern Warfare with such an old-school HUD, changes would have to be made to it in order to include new features such as the compass.

It is unknown if the developers have any plans about introducing features such as alternative Heads-Up Displays, or an update to the current HUD, in the near future. However, Infinity Ward devs have previously revealed that Modern Warfare was expected to receive a lot more content following its launch on October 24.

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