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Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 5 Reloaded: FiNN LMG, new event, more

Published: 24/Aug/2020 18:17 Updated: 24/Aug/2020 19:15

by Tanner Pierce


Activision and Infinity Ward have officially unveiled the mid-season update for Modern Warfare and Warzone, and it’s bringing along a ton of content with it, alongside the Games of Summer event.

It’s about to be a huge week for Warzone. On August 26, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War will be revealed inside of the battle royale mode, which, while normal for other games, is unprecedented for the series.

Even though everyone will already be paying attention to the game for the Black Ops Cold War reveal, Activsion and Infinity Ward have decided they wanted even more eyes on Modern Warfare and Warzone.


One of the biggest features of Season 5 Reloaded is the Games of Summer, which pits different countries against each other in a trials competition.

On August 24, Modern Warfare Season 5 Reloaded, which is technically just the mid-season update for the game, was unveiled with a release date of August 25, much to the surprise and delight of fans.

According to the roadmap, players will be getting new content for all modes in the game.

First and foremost, we have the Games of Summer, which was previously hinted at in the original Season 5 unveiling back in early July 2020.

The event, which is clearly partially inspired by the Olympics, gives both Modern Warfare and Warzone players a chance to represent their country in an in-game competition.

The competition itself tasks players with completing five trials. According to Activision, these new trials are similar to the ones that are already a part of the game, but this time, players will now be able to receive better rewards like weapon blueprints, vehicle horns, calling cards, and more.


In addition to the in-game event, fans will also have access to a brand new weapon called the FiNN. This weapon has been hinted by Activision to be one of the more powerful LMGs in the game, so it’ll be interesting to see how it affects the metagame, especially with the Bruen receiving a pretty major nerf just a little while ago.

A new Gunfight map is also set to be added during the update. Titled Verdansk Stadium, this map is very clearly ripped from the new location in Warzone. The map will be smaller than the actual location in the battle royale, with only the field available for play.


Finally, a brand new Operator will also be added to the game. Morte has been described by Activision as a lover of spaghetti westerns and is seemingly dressed perfectly for the part. Unfortunately, like all other Operators added during mid-season updates, Morte will only be available in the in-game store and won’t be available for free.

Of course, there’s a ton of other content being added to the game, including a couple of new modes for Warzone, a free Gunfight tournament, and a Triple Feed double XP weekend. Here’s hoping that it keeps players entertained until the start of the next season.