Modern Warfare update reveals classic MW3 & CoD 4 maps for Season 3

. 2 years ago
Infinity Ward

A new playlist update in Modern Warfare has all but confirmed two classic maps from Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty 4 are on the way: Village and Backlot.

It’s likely that new maps will be added to the 2019 edition of Modern Warfare at the start of Season 3, scheduled for April 7, and it looks like more throwbacks are on the way.

So far, we’ve had maps like Rust and Shipment added to the latest CoD game, but there are a plethora of fan-favorite throwbacks for Infinity Ward to choose from.

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Alongside announcing the remastered version of Modern Warfare 2’s campaign, Activision revealed that they had chosen not to remaster the multiplayer portion to avoid splitting the player base.

Instead, they will be adding classic maps and elements into 2019’s Modern Warfare, and it appears Village and Backlot are up next.

Posted by CoD YouTuber WhosImmortal, and first reported by CharlieIntel, the new playlist update is showing loading images for both Backlot and Village (see bottom left of images).

Modern Warfare lobby screen
The lobby shows both Backlot and Village, but the maps are not playable yet.

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It must be noted that these maps are not playable yet, as Immortal explains, and if they show up, the match will not start and the map will simply be switched out.

We already knew these maps were coming to Modern Warfare at some point, as a leaker on Reddit posted images of their new versions from the game files. Here’s what the 2019 versions of Backlot and Village will look like:


Reddit: Senescallo
A new version of Backlot leaked from the Modern Warfare game files.


Reddit: Senescallo
Village was one of the more popular maps in MW3.

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It is also of note that neither of these maps are from Modern Warfare 2, so we’re still holding out to see what maps from that game are added later, as Activision teased in their blog post.

We expect to see one of these maps, or perhaps both, made available with the Season Three update on April 7. In Season Two, non-classic maps were added throughout as well, such as Khandor Hideout which was added in the last update.


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