Modern Warfare Season 7 leaked: new Warzone weapons, maps, Soap Operator, more

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Warzone Season 7

Modern Warfare Season 7 is happening after all, as new leaks have revealed a ton of content supposedly on the way soon. From maps to new weapons available in Warzone, here’s everything we know.

With Modern Warfare’s Season 6 patch on Sep. 28, it marked the last major content update ahead of Black Ops Cold War. With Treyarch’s new release taking over the annual cycle, the future of Infinity Ward’s title was up in the air.

After months of being kept in the dark, it appears a new Season is finally on the way. Following months of speculation, developers confirmed more content would indeed be coming soon.

Now, thanks to fresh leaks, we have a good idea of what to expect.

From additional multiplayer maps to new cosmetic bundles and even weapons for Warzone, there’s a ton to look forward to.

New Modern Warfare Operator bundles: Soap & Sparks

Modern Warfare and Warzone Soap bundle
Soap’s arrival appears imminent in Warzone and Modern Warfare.

Topping the bill for the upcoming content dump are two new Operator bundles. These have both been visible in the game’s code for quite some time. Now, they’re seemingly ready to be implemented with the next big update.

The first is a returning character teased in a recent Warzone cutscene. Captain Price reached out for further backup at the very end of the cutscene with none other than Soap MacTavish answering the call.

This bundle is filled to the brim with new cosmetic content. There are three different Operator variants for the character, three Legendary weapon Blueprints, along with the usual Charms, Emblems, and Sprays.

Warzone Soap bundle
Everything included in the upcoming Soap bundle.

Next is the Sparks Operator bundle, also set for the incoming Modern Warfare update, according to new leaks. This cosmetic set comes with just one Operator skin but a wide assortment of other items.

Vehicle Skins, Legendary Blueprints, and animated Emblems, are just a few of the goodies up for grabs. Both of these bundles are set to cost 2,400 CoD Points upon release.

Warzone Sparks bundle
Everything included in the upcoming Sparks bundle.

Four new multiplayer maps in Modern Warfare Season 7

Four maps are reportedly set to join the mix with Modern Warfare’s next big update. Two have been designed for traditional 6v6 gameplay while the other two are for Gunfight.

Al Raab Airbase is a completely new map for the core multiplayer modes. It appears to be a large outdoor map with a big hangar towards the center.

Killhouse gameplay
Killhouse is finally set to return in the CoD franchise.

Killhouse is also on the way as the popular 2007 map has seemingly been rebuilt from the ground up. Since it’s release, this location has only been available in CoD Mobile up until now.

The two additional Gunfight maps are called Townhouse and Drainage. The first appears to take the layout of a campaign mission while the other could be an entirely new design. Both will be limited to small-team Gunfight modes exclusively.

Three new weapons in Modern Warfare Season 7

New weapons appear to be on the way to both Modern Warfare and Warzone. All three have leaked multiple times already, but could finally be on the way soon.

Up first is the Sykov pistol. Formerly known as the Makarov, this fan-favorite sidearm has been available in-game for quite some time.

Through the right glitches, players have already gone hands-on with the powerful pistol. Upon release, you’ll need to get four pistol kills in five different games to unlock the weapon.

Modern Warfare Sykov pistol
A look at the Sykov pistol coming soon to Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Next is the CX-9 SMG. Similar to the Sykov, this weapon has also appeared in-game ahead of an official release. In order to unlock this one, you’ll need to secure two longshot SMG kills across five different games.

Last but not least is the Raal MG. A brand new LMG soon joining the mix, this one is a little trickier to claim.

You’ll need to have any other LMG leveled up before you can start the challenge. Once you have a Scout Optic unlocked for any given LMG, you’ll have to find five kills with the attachment equipped across seven different games.

Modern Warfare CX-9 SMG
A look at the CX-9 SMG coming soon to Modern Warfare and Warzone.

These new weapons will seemingly all be available to use across both Modern Warfare and Warzone as soon as they go live.

Modern Warfare Season 7 release date

Despite all of this leaked information, it’s still worth taking everything with a grain of salt. Nothing has been confirmed by the developers just yet. So there’s every chance this content remains under wraps for quite some time.

However, if the leaks hold true, ‘TheGamingRevolution’ believes we’ll see this new content on March 11. With the Black Ops Cold War Season 2 roadmap, a limited-time Zombies Outbreak mode was highlighted.

Modern Warfare Season 7
YouTube: TheGamingRevolution
Modern Warfare Season 7 could be right around the corner.

This event comes to a close on March 11, perhaps paving the way for a huge batch of new content in both Warzone and Modern Warfare.

We’ll just have to wait and see what this new Zombie mode has in store.

For now, catch up on everything in the Warzone Season 2 update.

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