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Modern Warfare Season 2 leaked: 2 new guns, Rust map, Battle Pass, more

Published: 8/Feb/2020 0:57 Updated: 8/Feb/2020 2:12

by Albert Petrosyan


Major new details about the upcoming Modern Warfare Season 2 have been leaked after the official Call of Duty website appeared to post information about the new content early.

Hype has surrounded the release of Modern Warfare Season 2, and the anticipation was taken to a whole new level after a massive leak surfaced on February 7.


The leak, which came directly from the official Call of Duty website, contained never-before-seen information about the upcoming season as well as images of new content.

The material that was posted on the site (before being taken down) offered a glimpse at the iconic Ghost character as a new Operator skin, as well as the two new guns being added, the Battle Pass, weapon blueprints, and more.


The website also included a short, seven-second teaser trailer that featured Ghost and upcoming Operators using the new weapons in action.

Two new weapons: GRAU 5.56 & Striker 45

Just as with the RAM-7 and Holger-26 in Season 1, Season 2 will introduce two new guns into multiplayer – the GRAU 5.56 assault rifle and Strike 45 SMG. A leaked image of both weapons describes the GRAU 5.56 as “lightweight, maneuverable and full of potential,” while the Striker 45 is a “hard-hitting and long-range SMG.”

Eagle-eyed Call of Duty fans will recognize the similarities between the Striker 45’s appearance at the iconic UMP45 SMG from Modern Warfare 2, which we incidentally included in our list of 5 classic CoD weapons that Infinity Ward could add in Season 2.


It’s not yet clear exactly how these guns will be made available to players; the most likely option might require them to reach a specific level of the Battle Pass. What we do know, however, is that both will be free for everyone on all three platforms.

Call of DutyThe GRAU 5.56 and UMP45-lookalike Striker 45 SMG will be the two new weapons in Modern Warfare Season 2.

Battle Pass details

A slew of new information about the Battle Pass was also leaked by the Call of Duty website.

It appears that the structure of the Pass will be the same as Season 1; there will be 100 Tiers of content, some of which will be free, but the rest requires players to purchase the Pass for 1,000 CoD Points.


There will also be the option of purchasing it along with 20 Tier skips for 2,400 CoD points. In either case, those who level up all the way to Tier 100 will earn 1,300 CP back along the way.

Call of DutyThe Modern Warfare Season 2 Battle Pass will cost 1,000 CoD Points at base price with an option to purchase at 2,400 CP for 20 Tier skips.

Ghost, Operator skins, weapon blueprints, and more

As for what the Battle Pass contains, there’s going to be a lot of rewards for players to unlock as they progress through Season 2. As had been already confirmed in the first Season 2 teaser, Ghost, the iconic character fro MW2, will be added to Modern Warfare as an Operator.


The leak confirmed that Ghost will be “available instantly by purchasing the Battle Pass,” so it’s unclear whether that means players will have to pay to use him or if there will be another way of unlocking the character for free.

Call of DutyGhost will be returning to Modern Warfare as the newest Operator in Season 2.

The Pass will also feature numerous weapon blueprints and Operator skins, with the prematurely-posted images on the site confirming there will be Rare, Epic, and Legendary versions of these cosmetic items available.

Call of DutyLegendary and Epic Operator Skins will be included in Modern Warfare Season 2’s Battle Pass.
Call of DutyRare, Epic and Legendary weapon blueprints will be included in Modern Warfare Season 2’s Battle Pass.

As for everything else, the leak revealed that over 80 additional items will be available for players to acquire “just by playing,” such as XP Tokens, Watches, and more.

An image was also provided along with this information, and it includes a glimpse of some of what these “additional items” are.

Call of DutyA glimpse at the Modern Warfare Season 2 Battle Pass and the “over 80 additional items” it includes.

New map: Rust

After having been teased in the official teaser, the iconic MW2 map ‘Rust’ will be added to Modern Warfare multiplayer in Season 2.

This news actually doesn’t come from the CoD website leak but was instead announced by charlieINTEL, who revealed that the AR Card they were given back in July for the MW reveal had updated to reveal Rust.

While all of this information is pretty much as solid as leaks go, coming straight from the official CoD website, it still should be taken with a grain of salt, with the exception of the Rust announcement.

Nothing is official until formally announced and revealed by Infinity Ward and Activision, and some of what was shown here could be changed or removed at the developers’ discretion.

Modern Warfare Season 2 is set to kick off on Tuesday, February 11 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. While an exact release time hasn’t been announced, these major updates usually roll out around 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET.

Call of Duty

Warzone player discovers perfect way to counter Airport tower campers

Published: 19/Oct/2020 14:47

by Jacob Hale


A Warzone player has found the perfect way to counter campers in the Verdansk Airport tower, and it might be the best way to bait those annoying players out and get across the runway.

If you’ve played Warzone even once, you’ll know exactly which tower we mean: the one north of Airport that has only one way up, from which players can easily camp, scout out enemies and lay fire upon those trying to rotate to zone.


Even with the inclusion of external ziplines to many tall buildings in Verdansk, the tower still doesn’t have one, meaning that once players are up there, it’s incredibly difficult to get them down.

Typically, you’ll struggle in a straight gunfight against these players — so what you need to do is bait them out, instead, and capitalize when they’re distracted.

Warzone airport tower helicopter
Tower campers are among some of the most annoying players in Warzone.

As showcased below by NadxCH, a helicopter could be your key to infiltrating the tower — though not how you might think.

While many people will have tried to attack head-on while in a helicopter, the plan instantly falls flat if the tower campers have a rocket launcher or explosives of some sort, that will see you and your team come crashing down instantly.

Instead, you need to assign a teammate to fly past in the helicopter after landing up top, and strike while the iron is hot. While the designated driver flies the heli in one direction, you’ll need to jump off the top and plan your parachute perfectly to land in the control room while the opponents have their back turned and are distracted.


Obviously, this will often be easier said than done. Jumping off the top of the tower and timing everything right to land in the control room is a skill you’ll have to practice over and over again to get right, so you’ll have to be confident you can pull it off first.

Secondly, you’ll have to rely on the enemy team being distracted by the helicopter. They likely will be, and will want to take it down while it’s so close, which is why it’s the perfect opportunity to strike.

Otherwise, you might find yourself trapped while trying to traverse the map — and there are few worse types of players to die to than those in Airport tower.