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Modern Warfare quickly removes broken dedicated servers in custom games

Published: 19/May/2020 12:16

by Andy Williams


The wait is over, Infinity Ward has finally added dedicated servers for custom games in Modern Warfare, creating a much smoother experience for competitive matches… Or have they?

Custom games (AKA private matches) are a crucial part of Call of Duty every year, not least for competitive players who need to setup their own ruleset and compete against each other in a closed setting.

Yet one of the emerging themes from this year’s Call of Duty has stemmed from an apparent lack of support for the competitive scene, with the standard of servers being one of pro players’ main gripes.


ScreaM playing Valorant.
The Call of Duty League moved to an online format for CDL Dallas.

Following the shift from offline events to an exclusively online schedule, the Call of Duty League pledged to provide ‘neutral’ server support to players.

But Call of Duty veteran Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter immediately slammed the CDL’s support, stating that the servers were “unplayable” in a series of Tweets released post-event.

Fast-forward almost six weeks on, and it appeared that Infinity Ward had pulled out all of the stops (albeit seven months post-launch), by finally incorporating an option to play with dedicated servers in custom game lobbies.

Modern Warfare’s dedicated servers removed?

That is until they were removed merely an hour after being introduced… After booting into a custom game lobby, players were temporarily met with two options: to start a regular (peer-to-peer) match or to ‘Start DS match.’


By selecting the latter, players were launched into one of Modern Warfare’s shiny new dedicated server lobbies, but were met with a number of issues — including apparently being able to hear communication from other matches.

With the feature having a number of issues, Infinity Ward removed the option to access dedicated serves to presumably investigate the issues. It is not yet clear when the feature will receive the green light from the developers.

There is no doubt that this will have massive repercussions for the competitive landscape of Call of Duty, where one gunfight can sometimes dictate the momentum of a match, and therefore impact the game as a whole.


Players will be hoping that the option comes back soon in a future update, but for now, all we know is that it is a feature Infinity Ward have at their disposal.