Modern Warfare players reporting input delays that can have big effects

Alan Bernal
Infinity Ward

Modern Warfare players are coming across instances throughout matches where input delays to vaulting, climbing, sprinting and more are starting to affect gameplay.

A clip shows how a player struggled to get on top of the car on Docks while positioning themselves directly next to the object which didn’t do much to help.

The situation got even more awkward after they were able to successfully start the vaulting animation on the car just for the game to reset them below its bumper.

Infinity Ward
The Modern Warfare glitch can be troublesome, especially in the middle of the action.

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Reddit user ‘Zachs_Drunk’ was just starting out the Gunfight round when they wanted to climb onto the car that leads to the window of top 51.

But their ploy for early-round positioning was cut short when they couldn’t leap over the car to get into the second level of the building.

The struggle resulted in the enemy player getting into that spot way before Zachs could contest since he was still battling the game’s mechanics to get through the obstruction.

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More CoD community members started to chime in with their experiences coming across input delays that’s affecting other parts of the game as well.

“Since the latest update, there is an input delay for tactical grenades, Sprint, and climbing object,” user ‘rbfubar09’ said. “Weird reload delays. [I don’t know].”

User ‘jakeroseman0’ explained: “Mantling anything in this game does this. Unless you’re in like the perfect position for the code to do it.”

Zachs_Drunk via Reddit
The Modern Warfare player failed to get on top of the car multiple times, even though they tried various angles.

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The error has been making players look for ways to workaround the bug for an easier time. Though there aren’t many ways to approach it, some people have been finding success to bypass the glitch.

“I know it needs to be fixed,” user ‘fake_plastic_peace’ said. “But if you run and jump early, like a step before, and then quickly hit jump again before you hit the car or land, you should get over the hood. Took me a while to find a workaround.”

It could take some practice for some people to get the vaults on command, but it could be a helpful technique to employ until Infinity Ward can come up with a fix for the bug.