Call of Duty

Modern Warfare players beg Infinity Ward to fix “annoying” projectile bug

by Alan Bernal
Infinity Ward


Call of Duty players are reporting a bug in Modern Warfare that makes projectiles disappear moments after dying – which can prevent them from picking up trade kills.

Moments before getting killed, Reddit user ‘MrSmashAndDash’ managed to line up their crosshairs on a prone opponent after knifing their way into an upstairs room on Shoot House.

However, the player wasn’t able to close the distance quickly enough so they resorted to their Throwing Knife to at least get a revenge kill in a losing matchup.

Infinity Ward
The glitch in Modern Warfare can make some projectiles missing in action.


MrSmashAndDash was disappointed to see that they didn’t manage to connect their thrown knife despite the animation for the attack being completed.

“Hey IW, it’s 2020, can we get rid of projectiles completely disappearing upon death already?” they said, referring to the clip that shows the knife in the air for a few frames before disappearing.

The clip walks a fine line between a full-on bug and an issue with latency, but MrSmashAndDash and other players believe it’s a problem to do with the former.


“Honestly though, the amount of times I ‘fired’ [an RPG projectile] and not leaving my launcher is killing me,” user ‘Nishi_Sensei’ said. “Literally hear the launch sound and then the thing vanishing out of thin air”

With such a fast-paced game like Modern Warfare these split-second interactions routinely happen. A duel will result in a dying player throwing a last-ditch attempt to get a return kill, only for it to be mysteriously denied.

Lag can play a part in a lot of those situations, but that isn’t the problem that the CoD community is pointing out here.

Infinity Ward
A few frames before the knife is shown in mid-air.


User ‘LameBoy-Ruuf’ said: “I have many close encounters that should end with an eye for an eye and yet the split-second difference makes the animations cancel, projectiles disappear and I cannot unhear the gunshot sound that the game decided to play while scrapping the other consequences to the enemy.”

It could be a tricky situation for the Infinity Ward devs to address, but it is certainly an issue that Modern Warfare players would like to see fixed in the game.