Call of Duty

Modern Warfare player finds Cyber Attack feature that no one had noticed

Published: 5/Mar/2020 15:05

by Jacob Hale


Modern Warfare players are finally discovering a clever bomb feature in the new Cyber Attack game mode that has been hidden in plain sight this entire time.

The Cyber Attack mode is a completely new one to the Call of Duty franchise with Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward’s first entry into the series since 2017’s Infinite Warfare.

It is very similar to Search and Destroy, in that it involves planting a bomb and that you can’t just respawn when killed, but if you get killed your teammates can come and revive you, meaning you’re never really out until the round is over.

Cyber Attack made its Call of Duty debut with Modern Warfare in October 2019.

Of course, as the game mode is so new, many players have spent months now figuring out the best way to play it, but some are only just discovering that the bomb has a feature that makes the game significantly easier.

Usually, when holding the bomb, you just run to the bomb site and attempt to plant it, hoping your teammates can do enough to defend the site after you’ve got it down.

However, Sakar911 on Reddit realized that the bomb itself actually has a UAV and Heartbeat Sensor built into it – and loads of players discovered that they have somehow missed this feature for so long.

i play Cyber Attack all the time but I didn’t realize when you hold the bomb there is UAV and Heartbeat sensor in it. from r/modernwarfare

Obviously many players had already discovered it, but it definitely isn’t common knowledge, as evidenced by the responses to the Reddit post.

The most upvoted response was simply somebody saying that they’re “going to try it out,” showing that many people had no clue and want to give it a go in-game, while another commenter simply said that they “hate [themselves] for not knowing this.”

If you’ve been playing Cyber Attack and wondering how people know your location, despite the fact you think you’re being super stealthy, this might just be the reason, so make sure you take advantage of it when you’ve got the bomb too.

Call of Duty

Aydan explains how Ghost can be reworked to stop Warzone campers

Published: 3/Dec/2020 1:15

by Theo Salaun


Former Fortnite pro and current Warzone star, Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad, believes that the Ghost perk in Warzone should be tweaked to dissuade camping in the popular Call of Duty battle royale. 

Aydan is no stranger to BR titles, given all the success he’s achieved in Fortnite and Warzone. He’s also very familiar with CoD titles, given his history competing in ‘GBs’ since Black Ops 2. Coupling those perspectives, he believes that Warzone would be better if its Ghost perk was tuned in line with how the perk functions in Black Ops Cold War.

As it stands, Ghost grants an impervious cloak of map invisibility to its bearer in Modern Warfare and Warzone. A necessary perk built into every second loadout across Verdansk, it guarantees that players cannot be detected by Heartbeat Sensors or UAVs. 

Dissimilarly, Black Ops Cold War’s Ghost is akin to earlier titles’, in which it grants the same mini-map immunities — but only when the player is moving. Therefore, if a camper has Ghost equipped, they will be detectable. As mentioned in the CharlieIntel Podcast, Aydan thinks this version should be integrated into Warzone. 

(For mobile users, segment begins at 28:10)

“I really like how [BOCW] has Ghost: it only works if you’re moving,” he said. “So if you’re camping in a corner, Ghost won’t work. I think that might be a great addition.”

While discussing his feelings toward Black Ops Cold War in comparison to Modern Warfare and Warzone, Aydan touched on his excitement about possible integration between the different titles. While BOCW and MW will be kept separate, Activision have already confirmed that both games will enjoy some overlap in Warzone.

One of the more interesting opportunities this provides is the chance to rework Ghost, which is exactly what the streamer was alluding to.

heartbeat sensor warzone
AIDXN 69, Youtube / Infinity Ward
Call of Duty’s Heartbeat Sensor allows you to locate enemies up to 50 meters away, unless they’re ghosted.

While aware that he does have biases as a “bot racer and a PUB slayer,” Aydan elaborated that “it’s just kind of annoying when someone’s just sitting there with Ghost and you can’t detect them at all.” As such, he argues that the anti-camping adjustment “would be a great integration to add to Ghost.”

Given how many CoD enthusiasts complain about campers, either in multiplayer or Warzone, one has to imagine that there could be some serious support for this tweak to the game’s most popular perk.