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Modern Warfare gameplay details are being leaked ahead of release

Published: 22/Oct/2019 23:40 Updated: 23/Oct/2019 0:09

by Brad Norton


Just days out from the October 25 release ofCall of Duty franchise from developers Infinity Ward, Modern Warfare’s release is right around the corner, yet leakers have already started to reveal a great deal of information ahead of the official launch.

From brand new map walkthroughs to early breakdowns of cosmetics, those with early access have opened the floodgates for an abundance of fresh intel.

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With multiplayer servers supposedly online, those with early access have been able to traverse each of the new maps as well as provide updates on select maps included in the recent beta. 


One such map that was met with a touch of controversy throughout the beta period, was Azir Cave. With a large section of the map taking place in a dark indoor environment, it often became difficult to distinguish enemies from a distance. According to a recent Reddit post however, indoor lighting has been drastically improved for the full release.

Activision - Call of DutyAzhir Cave was one of the few maps accessible in the Modern Warfare beta.
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Furthermore, the same leak gave a first look at each and every Operator skin in the game. Based on the leaked footage, at launch, Modern Warfare will have a total of 20 unique Operators.

Both the Coalition and Allegiance factions feature nine different characters with additional default variants for players just starting out. Each of these Operator models boast three collectible uniforms, leading to a wide assortment of customization in the full game.


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Additional tidbits were unveiled that touched on the core multiplayer experience. When taking damage, your screen will no longer transition to black and white. After an abundance of community feedback, the radar has been adjusted and zoomed out.

A brand new spray and emote wheel has been implemented, allowing players to tag parts of the map with their unlocked imagery and humiliate opponents with some unique animations.

Activision - Call of DutyA leaked look at the new emote and spray mechanic in-game.

While certain casual fans have been able to play through early physical copies, it appears as though pro players have been provided a few days of early access. 

The first member announced for the Dallas Empire roster, James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks briefly Tweeted on October 22, looking for some competition. “Need 5v5 MW chall,” he shared in a since-deleted post, implying that a wide array of popular Call of Duty professionals have the game early and have already commenced high-level practice.


Twitter: ClaysterWith pro players gaining early access, CDL teams have already started grinding together.
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With the full release out in the wild a few days early, if you’re looking to go into Modern Warfare completely unspoiled it might be best to steer clear of social media for a little while.

It’s only a matter of time until pro players and content creators alike are broadcasting their POV in the latest iteration of the global FPS phenomenon.