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Modern Warfare fans highlight major disadvantage for PC players

by Daniel Cleary
Infinity Ward


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fans have called for a change to be made after discovering a major disadvantage for PC players in-game.

The release of the latest CoD title, Modern Warfare, saw the introduction of cross-platform play, allowing players on different consoles to match up against one another.

To make matches as competitive as possible, gameplay and in-game settings, such as FOV and aim assist, vary depending on the platform, although some have noticed one major disadvantage that PC players are faced with.

Infinity Ward
PC players have noticed a major issue with the stun grenades in Modern Warfare


One of the most frustrating experiences in a Call of Duty multiplayer match is when a player is left helpless to oncoming opponents after being hit with a stun grenade.

However, Modern Warfare Reddit user u/J3RRY__ felt as if the effects that stun grenades had on PC players were worse, and uncovered some very surprising results after testing the difference between console and PC back in November 2019.

They revealed that it took PC players twice as long as console players to turn their aim to the side while the tactical equipment’s concussive effects remained active.


The player also highlighted that even changing a player’s mouse DPI or the in-game sensitivity setting had no difference on the stun grenade’s effects.

PC stun bug not fixed after months

This test was conducted in November 2019, but the issue is still affecting PC players months later.

Keyboard and mouse players are becoming impatient for fix, with one complaining "how has this still not been fixed/addressed? Whenever I'm stunned I'm literally frozen in time, yet when a controller player is stunned, they can look around way faster?"


Unfortunately for PC players, there has not been any change to the stun's effects as of yet and users on the Modern Warfare Subreddit such as u/VYJ have become vocal about the longstanding issue.

It is unclear if this feature was intended by Infinity Ward to be more lenient towards those playing on console, as it often claimed that those on keyboard and mouse have an advantage over controller players. But surely this much of a disparity is simply unfair for mouse users.

If Infinity Ward are aware of the problem, we can perhaps hold out for a fix in the Season Two update.