Modern Warfare developer explains how they balanced “realism” and gameplay

Connor Bennett
Infinity Ward

AnCall of Duty fans a first look at gameplay from the upcoming Modern Warfare release by showing off their brand new Gunfight 2v2 mode

While it wasn’t the traditional multiplayer elements that some fans may have been hoping to see, it did give an interesting look behind the curtain.

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Infinity Ward
The 2v2 action of Gunfight is the only gameplay fans have seen of Modern Warfare.

However, as the weeks draw closer to the game’s release date, some fans have been vocal in their concerns about the game going too far away from the traditional Call of Duty release. But, Infinity Ward team members have been answering their questions along the way.

In a post to the Modern Warfare subreddit, developer Joel Emslie, art director at Infinity Ward, responded to a thread based around the new recoil system. As some players were left confused by the switch to a less predictable recoil, Emslie chimed in and gave some background on the inspiration behind the changes. 

The developer commented: “We’ve set out to make a realistic game but not destroy the gameplay. It’s not based on airsoft. It’s based on real steel.” 

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Infinity Ward’s Studio Art Director didn’t go into any further detail with a follow-up post, but it didn’t stop other fans from praising the switch up in realism.

“Yes and we greatly appreciate it. Thank you for making a new, realistic and improved COD,” responded MattFab22. Another added: “It looks like you guys are doing a great job. I haven’t been this excited for a Call Of Duty since Black Ops 2.”

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It’s not the first time that Emslie has attempted quashed concerns about what fans of have seen from the new game on social media.

After the Gunfight showcase, he tweeted that what fans had seen was only a “very small part” of a much larger multiplayer mode and that it wouldn’t be long until everything else was covered. 

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Fans won’t know much about the new multiplayer mode under Infinity Ward holds their worldwide reveal on Thursday, August 1 at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET/6 PM BST.

Until then, speculation may run rampant about an increasingly difficult, yet ultra-realistic Call of Duty title until players actually get their hands on the full product.