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Modern Warfare dev responds to Field Upgrade Pro issues

Published: 10/Jun/2020 18:27

by Daniel Cleary


Infinity Ward’s multiplayer director Joe Cecot has responded to a glitch where Field Upgrade Pro would fail to work correctly for Modern Warfare players.

Field Upgrades are one of the new Call of Duty features that were introduced in Modern Warfare and they provide players with cooldown-based bonuses such as Dead Silence or a Munitions Box.

While players can only choose one per game initially, after reaching a certain rank you will be able to unlock Field Upgrade Pro, which allows you to equip two bonuses at once.

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Field Upgrade Pro can be great for indecisive players or for situational plays in different game modes, however, some Call of Duty fans have noticed a strange glitch with the new feature.


One Modern Warfare player, CODView, highlighted that the Pro version would not always work and called out to Infinity Ward dev Joe Cecot for a response.

Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare players can choose two different bonuses with Field Upgrades Pro.

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“Any ideas on Field Upgrade Pro working intermittently on some maps/modes on PC? Some games you just don’t get the Pro option,” they inquired, also highlighting an issue with team chat.

Joe Cecot responded claiming that Modern Warfare devs were aware of the Field Upgrades issue and are currently working on tracking down the cause.

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The Field Upgrade Pro issues seem to be affecting players across many game modes, however, it is likely that the developers will be looking to implement a fix in one of the future updates.


Infinity Ward have announced that more bug fixes and new content will be added to the game during the Season 4 update, which has recently been confirmed for June 11.