Modern Warfare community praises Infinity Ward for battle pass gesture


Infinity Ward have received floods of praise for issuing a Modern Warfare player a refund after purchasing their Season One battle pass just before Season Two debuted.

Ever since Modern Warfare’s public release in October 2019, Infinity Ward has received a ton of criticism for the number of issues that have cropped up since launch.

While the developers have been working their way through the lengthy list of snags, they have also changed the progression system in Call of Duty to a season-based model — which works in tandem with their new content delivery framework.

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Modern Warfare Season Two roadmap.Activision
Modern Warfare’s second season got under way on February 11 and vowed to bring even more content.

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Since the road has been a bumpy one for Infinity Ward, they will be glad to receive some well deserved praise following a gesture made amid the recent season transition.

One Redditor posted the gesture to the Modern Warfare subreddit, detailing how they had received a refund on their Season One battle pass after purchasing it shortly after Season Two going live.

The message reads: “We identified that you purchased the Season 1 Battle Pass right as Season One ended and Season Two began. To ensure you get the most out of your purchase, we’re refunding your Season One Battle Pass purchase.”

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Moreover, the in-game message continued: “Your COD Points total should reflect this refund in-game. We hope you enjoy all the amazing content available in the Season Two Battle Pass.”

Plenty of fellow Redditors went on to praise Infinity Ward’s goodwill in the thread, with one user echoing the thoughts of many with their comment: “Seriously, this is unexpected, and a really nice thing that they did. Thanks Infinity Ward and Activision for having this system in place.”

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However, while the player did receive a full refund, they may have also discovered a loop-hole in the season-based content system…

When asked whether they kept Mara (the Coalition Operator) after their refund, they responded saying: “Surprisingly yes. I already finished my [battle pass] but never purchased it until 30 minutes before [Season Two] started.”

Infinity Ward may wise up before the end of Season Two, though, so don’t expect to keep your hard-earned items if you plan on attempting a similar trick.

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