Modern Warfare 3 is Now Backward Compatible on the Xbox One

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is now Backward Compatible on the Xbox One following an announcement by Microsoft.

Since the release of the original ‘Call of Duty’ in 2002, the franchise has become one of the most well-recognized in the gaming industry after more than a decade of titles.

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With a new installation being released each year, the series already has multiple games in the rotation for players to enjoy and is now widely-recognized in mainstream culture for its popularity.

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However, after both Microsoft and Sony released their ‘Next Generation’ consoles in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, some of the past titles were only available to play if a user had one of the old consoles.

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Yet, as time goes on, more and more games have been ‘remastered’ or optimized in order to be ‘Backward Compatible’ and playable on the new-era platforms, much to the enjoyment of community members.

On June 19th, it was announced by Microsoft that Modern Warfare 3 is now Backward Compatible on the Xbox One.

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As of writing, Modern Warfare 3 is currently $29.99 on the Microsoft Store for Digital Download.

More information on Backward Compatibility on the Xbox One can be found right here.

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