Modern Warfare 2 streamer pulls off world’s fastest nuke in just 2 minutes

Modern Warfare 2 nuke recordActivison

A Modern Warfare 2 streamer has managed to secure the world’s fastest nuke in an unbelievable 2-minute killing spree.

When you’re performing well in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, there’s nothing better than earning killstreaks to push your advantage to the max and take out as many foes as possible.

While there are countless scorestreaks to choose from in MW2, there’s one that’s more sought-after than any other, and that’s the MGB or nuke.

This requires you to rack up 30 consecutive kills just using a weapon and when activated, a massive plane will appear in the sky dropping five missiles down to the ground, instantly winning the game for the team who called it in.

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Although some competitors are still chasing their first MGB since release, one streamer has set a new record for the fastest nuke in MW2, earning it a mere 2 minutes.

Modern Warfare 2 nukeActivison
The MGB requires 30 consecutive kills with a weapon.

MW2 streamer sets record for fastest nuke killstreak

Modern Warfare 2 streamer Jinsu has set a record for the fastest MGB or nuke by securing the killstreak in an insane time of 2 minutes.

The talented player posted the clip of them on an unbelievable killing spree in multiplayer, racking up countless kills with ease.

With their in-depth knowledge of the map, Jinsu is able to pinpoint the location and spawns of every single opponent, leaving them completely vulnerable to their precise aim.

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Jinsu’s movement accuracy is so impressive, very few foes even have a chance to fire back at them in gunfights, making it totally one-sided.

This record is even more impressive given Jinsu didn’t use an SMG, shotgun, or AR. Instead, they opted to use Overkill and equip two marksmen rifles in the SA-B 50 and SP-R 208.

As you can see in the clips, Jinsu doesn’t use a scope but instead uses both guns’ clean iron sights to land consistent one-shots.

It’ll be interesting to see if anyone can contest this record in the near future, but 30 kills in 2 minutes is going to be a hard time to beat.

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