What is Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops mode? Co-op, missions & more

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Modern Warfare 2 is set to welcome back the popular Spec Ops mode, but is it taking the form of the OG version? Or will it resemble the Modern Warfare reboot?

Most years, Call of Duty fans are treated to another spectacle of Zombies, the round-based onslaught against the undead. But Modern Warfare 2 is set to deviate from this as the franchise has occasionally done.

Over the years, we’ve seen various Survival modes come into play, but we’ve also been presented with Specs Ops mode.

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It made its long-awaited comeback in 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot, but it behaved differently compared to how it was presented a decade before. Activision has said Spec Ops is back, but which version of it will players be getting?

Here’s all we know about Modern Warfare 2’s Spec Ops game mode.


What is Spec Ops in Modern Warfare?

an image of character from Modern Warfare 2Activision
There is still much unknown about MW2’s Spec Ops mode.

In 2008’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward included a new Spec Ops mode that offered up 23 fun and frantic mini-levels based on CoD4 and MW2.

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For whatever reason, Spec Ops disappeared for many years until it was brought back when the Modern Warfare franchise was given a fresh coat of paint.

These missions were a bit longer and could include up to four players, but they didn’t quite retain the same feel as the first incarnation of Spec Ops.

Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops: How will it work?

Unlike Modern Warfare 2’s campaign and online multiplayer, which have received a full deep dive into their qualities and what they’re about, the company has kept a bit more silent about Spec Ops.

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This is what the official Call of Duty blog has had to say about Spec Ops: “Continue the story after the Modern Warfare II Campaign concludes with this in-depth two-player cooperative experience allowing you to explore large-scale hot zones with your fellow squadmate. Assemble your two-person strike team for a number of branching operations against [REDACTED], available at launch.”

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Every Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops Mission

Activision confirmed three missions at launch and more content coming during Season 1.

Here are all of the Spec Ops Missions we know so far.

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  • Low Profile — The mission requires a stealthy infiltration of a town during the dead of night to uncover intel and evidence.
  • Denied Area — Teams must navigate through a suburb’s winding streets with the help of a vehicle to destroy SAM turrets.
  • Defender: Mt Zaya — Described as a “love letter to fans of survival modes,” teams fight off waves of enemies while defending bombs from getting detonated.

Spec Ops progression system

Modern Warfare 2 beta image.Activision
Modern Warfare 2 releases on Friday, October 28.

Players can choose between three different Perk Kits, and each Special Ops Kit can be leveled up to a maximum rank of 10 by replaying missions or completing challenges.

The developers recommend completing all three Special Ops Missions with Three stars and having one Kit leveled up to Tier 5 before taking on Raids.

Here are the three Special Ops Kits.

  • Assault — This kit focuses on armor; later levels offer more stims and armor capacity.
  • Medic — Medics offer quicker revives with a Revive Pistol, and later levels offer free claymores and anti-tank mines.
  • Recon — The Recon kit focuses on equipment with a Snapshot Pulse and the ability to automatically restock Lethals and Tacticals at later levels. A free Heartbeat Sensor is also included at later levels.

We will update this guide once we know about Modern Warfare 2’s Spec Ops and the content coming during Season 1.

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