Modern Warfare 2 players want devs to copy CoD: Ghosts perk system

Jacob Hale
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One of the biggest changes coming to Call of Duty in Modern Warfare II is the perk system, getting rid of the classic three-tier perk system for one that includes Base, Bonus, and Ultimate perks. Players are now saying that they should have copied it from CoD: Ghosts if they wanted to change the perk system.

The Modern Warfare 2 beta is well underway, with players getting to grips with the new CoD game, figuring out how it all works, and seeing whether this might finally be their year.

One change that has caused a lot of division in the community is the new perk system. Players have called it “horrible,” especially with the changes made to the Ghost perk, making it an Ultimate perk earned very late in the game.

A solution that players who have already tried out the game have come up with is to utilize the old system used in Ghosts, which is different from the classic 3-tier system but has been argued to be more reasonable.

One player took to Reddit to ask developers Infinity Ward to “take inspiration” from the Ghosts system, where you were assigned a number of perk points you were able to use, similar to the Pick 10 Create a Class system of yesteryear.

They said, “if you are so hell-bent on changing the perks take inspiration from this, have a set amount of perk points to spend, and do away with this time-gated BS we have now.”

The post itself has been super popular among MW2 players, saying that the system is “remarkable, ” while others were surprised that it hasn’t been used in another CoD since Ghosts all the way back in 2013, especially as “player choice and customization should always be a priority.”

It’s unlikely Infinity Ward make any major changes to the MWII perks now, though we could see a few shifts in which categories the perks belong before the full game launches on October 28.