Modern Warfare 2 players want beta movement back after jaw-dropping viral clip

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A viral Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 clip has got players reminiscing and wanting the more fluid, faster-paced movement from the game’s beta to make a return.

In 2019 and 2020, the Modern Warfare movement became insanely popular, especially after the Warzone battle royale blew up and the “cracked” slide-canceling era got underway, where the movement meta became well-established and a huge skill gap was created.

The likes of Aydan and JoeWo became known for having some of the best movement in the game, matching even the pros, and with Modern Warfare 2 many expected more of the same.

Instead, though, when MW2 officially launched, it was impossible to slide cancel, and for the most part, movement had gone back to basics as a simple run-and-gun shooter with some sliding and diving still possible — but penalized.

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That wasn’t always the case, though: as proven in this clip from a player called Zyro, the movement in the MW2 beta was very similar to MW2019 and Warzone, with fast slides and bunny hopping in abundance when played by those skilled enough.

The tweet itself picked up hundreds of retweets and comments, with multiple big accounts sharing it and looking at what could have been for movement in MW2.

Even FaZe Clan’s Kris ‘Swagg’ Lamberson responded to the tweet, mocking the decision to change the movement by saying “they really nerfed this.”

While many mourned the changes and loss of this style of movement, there were also a number of comments suggesting that Modern Warfare 2 is better without it, with some calling it a “skill issue” or mocking the movement style.

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It goes without saying that Call of Duty players will never be in complete agreement about certain changes, and the movement style is no exception, but there are definitely thousands of fans wishing to see the faster beta movement back in the game.