Modern Warfare 2 players urge devs to give the same “love and support” Fortnite gets

MW2 character next to Fortnite oneActivision / Epic Games

Modern Warfare 2 players have encouraged the devs over at Infinity Ward to give the same level of “love and support” to the game as Epic Games have given, and continue to show, to Fortnite. 

Gaming, and live service games in particular, have been changed for good since Fortnite’s explosion in popularity back in 2017. 

The building battle royale, developed by Epic Games, introduced a seasonal content format that has since been replicated in Apex Legends, Call of Duty and more. 

Now – and in the midst of major player complaints over “recycled” Season Two content – CoD players have called for Infinity Ward to emulate Epic Games even more closely. 

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MW2 players want the same “love and support” Epic Games give to Fortnite

A February 11 Reddit post from one player explained that they don’t mean MW2 should be like Fortnite, but that the level of love it receives from the devs should certainly be comparable. 

“Even if many of you don’t like Fortnite, you gotta say the content, love, care and support it gets is outstanding compared [to] MW2,” they said. “Weekly updates that bring fresh new items, map changes, lore, bug fixes and balance changes.”

They mentioned in-game live events and finished: “Let’s not forget in MW2 we have gotten no new map since launch and that’s sad. We only have weapons, which are useless and some modes that should have been there at launch.”

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Others flocked in to reply and offer their thoughts. One concurred emphatically: “I despise Fortnite but I respect the team for the care and feeding it gets [on] a regular basis. Absolutely no downtime. These people are constantly reinventing themselves.”

Another said: “Fortnite is the gold standard for updates, content and just overall fan service.”

Some did suggest that Epic abandoned Save the World mode when the BR blew up, but others countered to say it’s only natural that devs invest their resources to match the player base. 

Barring any further delays, Season Two of Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 drops on February 15. 

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