Modern Warfare 2 players upset as promised mode won’t return in Season 2

Modern Warfare 2 operators in murky water at nightActivision

Modern Warfare 2 players have expressed their frustration with the game and its developers following a hint that a fan-favorite mode that was promised pre-launch will not be arriving in Season 2, almost four months after the game launched.

While Call of Duty multiplayer matches have historically taken place predominantly in popular modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Search and Destroy, a number of modes have been added over the years that fans love.

For example, Black Ops 1 saw the introduction of party games like Gun Game and Sticks and Stones, which have gone on to be included in a number of CoD installments since and fans love to play.

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One mode that was introduced in Modern Warfare (2019) was Gunfight, a 2v2 Gulag-esque, round-based mode, for teams to go in and dominate their opponents, a test of pure gunskill, positioning, and awareness.

In June, several months before the game launched, developers Infinity Ward confirmed that Gunfight would be in Modern Warfare 2 at some point, though they haven’t specified any further since.

However, CharlieIntel posted a tweet suggesting that Gunfight will not be in Season 2 despite player requests, and the players themselves have let their anger be known, taking to Reddit to complain.

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“It’s embarrassing how bad they’re treating MP,” said one player, echoing the sentiment of many MW2 players recently. “They’re this close to putting the final nail in the coffin for this franchise for me.”

Another simply stated that “no gunfight is a disgrace.”

Whether Gunfight comes to Modern Warfare 2 any time soon remains to be seen, but we know it was in the dev’s plans before launch — the only question is when they want to bring it out.

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