Modern Warfare 2 players “shed tears” over new weekly playlist update

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It’s not every day, the CoD community universally supports a change in Modern Warfare 2, but the latest weekly playlist update made players rejoice.

Infinity Ward has caught flack for its handling of Modern Warfare 2 playlists. Every week, the developers shuffle in and out different game modes. Not having access to every mode at all times has frustrated some players hoping to log in and play their favorite preference.

Even though Shipment has its fair share of detractors, community members complain when the developers leave the map out of a weekly playlist rotation. Players also complained when Infinity Ward decided to remove the popular 10v10 game mode.

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Frustrated players couldn’t find anything to complain about this time around, as Infinity Ward delivered everything fans wanted.

Modern Warfare 2 players celebrate stacked weekly playlist

On March 29, Infinity Ward unveiled a new set of game modes for players to sink their teeth into. The developers didn’t leave any stone unturned, appeasing fans who prefer larger-scale combat with 10v10 combat or those looking to grind camos on Shipment.

On March 29, Ranked Play replaced Al Bagra Fortress Control with Hmmelmatt Expo. For competitive fans that want to brush up on their knowledge of the new map before diving into a Ranked match, the developers extended Himmelmatt Expo 24/7 for another week.

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Modern Warfare 2 fans didn’t hold back their excitement on Reddit when they saw the new playlist. “I shed a tear when I saw the playlist updates. I love it.”

A second user added, “this is the best. I love all of this.”

Other fans withheld celebrating the occasion too much, knowing another playlist update looms just around the corner. “This is not a good feeling when devs allow you to have fun for a week once a month.”

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Even though these modes won’t last forever, players should at least try and enjoy their favorites while they still can.

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