Modern Warfare 2 players question devs over “garbage” spawns one month after launch


Modern Warfare 2 players are questioning Infinity Ward over the game’s spawns, claiming they’re still “garbage” despite the game being out for over a month. 

Spawns are always a tricky feature of CoD games for the developers to nail down. They use incredibly complex algorithms to determine a player’s best respawn location but, due to a host of factors and the speed of standard CoD matches, it’s far from simple to refine a spawn system. 

However, fans expect incremental improvements once a game is released, with spawns gradually refined to the point of being consistent and reliable. Modern Warfare 2, in some players’ eyes, is falling short in that regard. 

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MW2 players demand improvements to “garbage” spawns

In a December 3 Reddit post, one player claimed that the spawn system is “ruining” matches, pointing to consecutive spawns that result in near-instant deaths. 

“I feel like this multiplayer is very good with the major exception of spawns,” they said. “I don’t understand how it is so hard to spawn me farther than 10 meters away from where I just died… it’s a problem when you keep spawning in basically the same spot with almost no way out of spawn without getting lasered immediately.”

Others concurred, with one sarcastically describing them as “fine”, attaching a clip to show them spawn directly in front of an enemy. 

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A third player, in a much upvoted post, listed “non controversial changes” every player can get behind. 

One related to improved spawns, saying: “These are ruining the game. It’s playable but only borderline. If anyone thinks they’re fine, I’d assume we’re playing a different game.”

As previously mentioned, it’s a fine line for Infinity Ward to balance but, with over a month elapsed between now and the game’s launch, plenty of players were hoping for more progress. 

It’s possible we’ll see major spawn improvements when Season One Reloaded drops on December 14.