Modern Warfare 2 players plead for “classic MW2” audio pack as merged gameplay goes viral

Modern Warfare 2 2009 cover next to Modern Warfare 2 2022 gameplayActivision

Modern Warfare 2 players are obsessed with the idea of a classic MW2 audio pack, using sound cues, gunfire, and voicelines from the 2009 title, after a merged gameplay clip brought them together and exploded across social media.

With the Modern Warfare 2 Beta now behind us, one that saw more players jumping in than ever before, the community is looking ahead to the full release on October 28. While developers at Infinity Ward have already committed to a number of crucial gameplay changes, including audio system tweaks, one particular request has caught the attention of millions online.

A simple gameplay clip of the recent multiplayer Beta has gone viral for one reason: It features audio from the original Modern Warfare 2. From classic weapon sounds to audio cues for killstreaks, it all fit perfectly over the 2022 game in motion.

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Naturally striking a nostalgic chord for thousands around the globe, players are now encouraging devs to release a throwback DLC audio pack in order to capture the original’s essence once again.

Right away when loading into a round of Domination, the clip hits you with the original announcer from 2009. From that point on, it’s a familiar rush of adrenaline as kills are secured, streaks come into play, and objectives are captured.

Weapons sound just like they did in the original multiplayer hit. Killstreaks even swoop overhead with the exact same oppressive sounds from the iconic CoD title. There’s nothing like hearing that “friendly AC130 in the air” line in the midst of a match.

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Originally put together by CoD YouTuber ‘Ghosts619,’ snippets of the full video soon went viral across both Reddit and Twitter with countless players “ready to hand money over” for a DLC audio pack with these classic sounds.

“This is incredible,” a post on Reddit added. “Infinity Ward should use this idea and release a classic Modern Warfare 2 [2009] sound pack for Modern Warfare 2 [2022].”

“I would throw money at that so quickly,” another player chimed in. “Maybe not the weapon sounds, but all for everything else.”

While it’s obviously nothing more than a pipe dream for now, there is precedent for DLC audio packs in the series. After all, we saw Snoop Dogg get his own voice pack in 2013’s CoD Ghosts. So it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility.

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For now though, we’ll have to make do with the modern sound design and announcer cues when Modern Warfare 2 releases in full on October 28.