Modern Warfare 2 players furious over Season 2 perk changes that “nobody wants”

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Modern Warfare 2 players have criticized developers Infinity Ward after a new slate of changes were announced for perks in the game in Season 2, explaining that “nobody wants” the changes.

MW2 launched in October 2022 with some big steps away from the traditional Call of Duty games that players have come to know and love.

As well as the continuation of Dead Silence as a Field Upgrade rather than a perk, the lack of red dots on the minimap, and the vastly changed movement system from the former MW19 engine, the perk system received a major overhaul.

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With ‘timed perks’ now the norm in Modern Warfare 2, as players earn their next selected perk while playing, there’s been a lot of backlash to the new timed system. While Infinity Ward have announced changes coming once again in Season 2, many players believe it’s simply not good enough.

“We looked at swapping this perk’s [Ghost] position but we felt this would create severe imbalance in the perk system,” they said in the update blog. “For Season 02 we’ve updated the rate at which the bonus and the ultimate perks are earned … This adjustment will allow Players to get Ghost earlier in matches, which will better support Players looking to engage more aggressively.”

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While this does answer some of the complaints around how long it takes to earn Bonus and Ultimate perks, some players have argued that it simply isn’t good enough.

One player, tjmobile1, in particular, received mass support from the playerbase when he took to Reddit to complain about the situation.

“Huge L,” they called it. “Nobody wants timed perks. Just accept it. This is the third time decrease. Listen to your community. So disappointing.”

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The post has received around 1000 upvotes at the time of writing, and hundreds of comments mostly in support of what tjmobile said.

The replies weren’t very confident in Infinity Ward actually making that big a change to their new perk system, with the top comment saying: “If I know one thing about IW is that they will never admit they are wrong and rather double down on their mistakes.”

We don’t know everything coming in Season 2 yet, but it definitely looks like Infinity Ward are sticking by their timed perks, at least for now.

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