Modern Warfare 2 players frustrated with new M13B AR unlock methods

modern warfare 2 mask headerActivision

Activision and Infinity Ward have confirmed multiple different ways to unlock the upcoming M13B AR in Modern Warfare 2, leaving players confused and frustrated.

With Warzone 2’s launch right around the corner, both Activision and Infinity Ward are gearing up for a lot of new content for Modern Warfare 2.

Both games are set to expand when Season 1 officially begins, adding a new Battle Pass and four new weapons — two of which are unlocked through the Pass.

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However, Activision and Infinity Ward have confirmed multiple different unlock methods for the M13B Assault Rifle ahead of Season 1, leaving some players frustrated and confused about how to go about getting the gun.

MW2 players confused over M13B AR unlock methods

Initially, a blog post from Call of Duty’s official website said that players could expect to unlock the new AR through either a “store bundle or Weapon Unlock Challenge.”

Yet, shortly after Call of Duty’s blog post was posted, Infinity Ward published another piece surrounding Warzone 2’s new DMZ mode.

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Players who utilize DMZ’s Stash system are able to collect “contraband weapons.” After a player extracts from a DMZ match, any contraband weapons collected will unlock the base weapon in the Gunsmith for both multiplayer and Battle Royale.

At the end of Infinity Ward’s post, it mentioned that the “ultimate reward” within DMZ’s exclusion zone is the M13B Assault Rifle, suggesting players may need to unlock the weapon this way.

This caused a lot of confusion among the player base, with some frustrated at the lack of clarity on which method will net the AR.

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“Confused about that. So maybe it’s all 3? Paid bundle, mp challenge, and I guess DMZ challenge for it also like CW had zombie challenge to unlock weapons,” said TheMW2Ghost on Twitter.

Others were frustrated at potentially having to play DMZ to unlock the weapon, as one player noted they would “rather buy [the M13B AR] instead of playing DMZ.”

Others echoed the sentiment, such as CoD content creator TheMarkOfAHero who said it would be “extremely disappointing” if the weapon was locked behind DMZ.

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Though it’s still a bit unclear which unlock method players will have to take to get the M13B AR, it’s possible that these different methods are meant to make it possible for those who only play Warzone or MW2’s multiplayer. For now, players will just have to wait and see if Activision clarifies the situation further when Season 1 begins on November 16, 2022.