Modern Warfare 2 players demand classic modes return as maps get “dull”

Modern Warfare 2 Shoot HouseActivision

Modern Warfare 2 players have called on Infinity Ward to bring back classic multiplayer modes, claiming the current map pool is becoming “dull” and there is a reliance on two maps for enjoyable chaos.

Among Modern Warfare 2’s map pool, two returning environments have, unsurprisingly, emerged as fan favorites. 

The first is Shoot House, which dropped with Season One. The second is Shipment, which came with Season One Reloaded. Both maps are small, chaotic and bring the fast-paced carnage fans love from CoD multiplayer. 

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However, among frustration with the removal of Shipment 24/7, fans have called for the return of classic playlists to avoid games becoming “dull”. 

Modern Warfare 2 fans call for large team modes to stop “dull” matches

Specifically, a number of players said they want to see large team modes added to avoid larger maps offering such slow and turgid matches. 

CoD: Vanguard, for example, gave players the opportunity to set custom paces to matches. From ‘Tactical’ to ‘Assault’ to ‘Blitz’, players could opt for a player count that was conducive to a certain level of action. 

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It was highlighted by one player on Reddit, who said: “Bring back a 10v10 or 12v12 playlist and then we won’t have to rely on just two maps for that fast pace.”

“There’s always been some sort of option like this in pretty much every CoD game for over 10 years now… The point is that we can have more fast paced options outside of the same two maps everyone relied on for that action during MW2019’s lifespan.”

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The post quickly garnered a lot of traction, with other players echoing their annoyance at the lack of small maps that aren’t from historic CoD titles. 

One player described most maps as “dull”, especially when compared to the rapid action that Shoot House and Shipment offer. 

Another said: “They seem to be promoting camping. Maps are too big for 6v6.”

Others, though, argued that a variety of map pacing is healthy for CoD. Either way, it’s a fine line for the developers to balance. 

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Season Two of MW2 and Warzone 2 is chalked to drop in early February. 

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