Modern Warfare 2 players claim Goldeneye 007 has a better combat record


Modern Warfare 2 players have once again hit out at the Infinity Ward devs, claiming that 1997’s Goldeneye 007 has a better combat record and set of in-game stats.

Despite shattering sales and breaking franchise records, as well as easily becoming the most successful entertainment launch of 2022, MW2 has been under much scrutiny from fans.

For quite some time, the community has criticized Infinity Ward over numerous issues the game faces.

While the devs promised that they’d communicate with the fans, many are still frustrated, with some even claiming the devs are even neglecting multiplayer as a whole.

Now, players have lashed out the MW2’s underwhelming combat record, claiming older games such as Goldeneye 007 are even better.

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MW2 players claim Goldeneye 007 combat record is better

In a January 28 Reddit post, CoD player Jeeshish claimed that 1997’s Goldeneye 007 had a better combat record than that of Modern Warfare 2.

“A game from 1997 can have more detailed stats then COD MWII,” they said, along with a screenshot of Goldeneye’s stats — which details headshots, as well as body and limb shots. It also breaks down time played, accuracy and weapon of choice.

Other players in the thread chimed in with their thoughts: “Most just dont care for stats like that,” said one. “Remember when we used to have leaderboards and could see each others stats?” another reminisced.

“Don’t forget it only had 11 developers,” one noted.

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“I mean, no game will ever top Golden Eye, those were the good ‘ol days,” a player joked. “Activision has gigantic stats. Unfortunately, they are private and used for bundle sales and EOMM,” said another.

While Modern Warfare 2’s combat record is without a doubt more detailed, it’s unlikely we’ll see any major additions. Elsewhere, Warzone 2 fans are still waiting for details on when the CoD BR will get a detailed combat record.