Modern Warfare 2 players call for return of classic Black Ops 2 equipment

Modern warfare 2 operators side by side with picture of Standoff map from Black Ops 2Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 players have asked for a classic piece of equipment from Black Ops 2 to make its return, and it could be a complete game-changer.

Modern Warfare 2 is already the fastest-selling Call of Duty game, having shattered records when it first launched, and while there are issues with the game that many players will complain about, there are many features that they love too.

One new addition some players have said they wouldn’t mind seeing added to the game, however, is a long-forgotten piece of equipment in Black Ops 2 that was actually incredibly helpful.

That was the Black Hat, a hacking device that let you hack into enemy killstreaks or lethal equipment and make them your own.

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After a number of years in the vault, some players are now asking to bring it back, letting them take over enemy UAVs or Claymores, and becoming a much more frustrating player to come up against.

This would definitely change up some of the gameplay flow in MWII, for example by being able to end UAV and Counter-UAV spam by hacking the enemy surveillance streaks would make players think twice about constantly looping them, and could change up the killstreak meta slightly.

As pointed out in the comments, features like this have been apparent in games since, but never quite the same. For example, the Spotter perk allows you to see enemy equipment through walls, and hack the likes of Claymores or Trophy Systems, but has no effect on killstreaks.

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Whether this is something Infinity Ward would actually want to implement remains to be seen, but as we’re fast approaching the Black Ops 2 timeline, it’s not completely impossible.